Zierstoff Hedi – A Raglan Sweatshirt

So a month or so ago, I was feeling all sorry for myself because of my painful hand. My intention was to catch up with writing about some unblogged things, but I didn’t get around to it. Life has been a little busy and stressful recently, so I took some time away from being online. Thankfully the pain in my hand has calmed down enough to start doing some sewing again. Hurrah!

Less Frosting, More Cake

I read this post about sewing too much frosting and not enough cake and it struck a chord with me. I do love the dresses I’ve made, and I constantly wear them. However, they’re not always the most practical things to wear. As for the cape I made, well it’s never seen the light of day.

With this in mind I’ve bought some new patterns and I’m ready to start sewing some basics!

Zierstoff HEDI sweatshirt

First up in my pursuit of a more basics-led wardrobe is the Zierstoff HEDI sweatshirt. I sewed two RHEAS dresses from Zierstoff for Eleanor and Phoebe during during Easter; they were an easy sew and have been worn a lot. They kindly offered me another pattern to try so I opted for HEDI for myself. I’ve wanted a raglan sweatshirt for a while now and I saw the potential to play around with this pattern a bit.

Sewing a Zierstoff HEDI sweatshirt

This is a PDF pattern, so I printed it out, stuck it together and off I went. I decided to shorten the length and ditch the hood and pocket on my first version. Basically I wanted something reminiscent of the Linden sweatshirt. I chose a lovely soft quilted grey jersey with a bit of silver bias binding to add piping to the raglan seams on the front.


This was so easy to sew, I was done in an afternoon (and that’s including the school run). Oh, I felt smug. Until I realised that I am, in fact, an idiot. I didn’t check that I’d printed it out the right size. What a rookie mistake! I cried laughing when I realised I’d made my perfect sweatshirt in like an 8 year old’s size or something. How did I not notice until I’d finished it? Tiredness… I’m averaging about 4 hours sleep a night here.

Still, it can absolutely be rescued because I think I can alter the size and turn it into a jacket for Eleanor. Which of course means I can’t actually make myself the same thing in the right size. Damn my tired stupidity.

Still determined to get a raglan sweatshirt into my own wardrobe, I printed the pattern properly and spent another afternoon making myself one. This time in a palm tree scuba for the front and back and the quilted grey jersey for the sleeves. I forgot the silver piping this time though.

Sewing with Scuba

Having never sewn with scuba before, I was expecting it to be difficult to handle. It’s also nicer to wear than I was expecting, I’ve even worn it on some of the hotter days we’ve had recently. The quilted jersey for the sleeves is so soft, I must buy more in other colours. Mine was from Barry’s in Birmingham and the scuba was from Fabworks Mill, but I think they’ve sold out now.

I realise that it’s not really the most neutral thing, given the palm trees, but I’ll still wear it.

You’ll have to take my word for it that it fits like a dream as I didn’t get any pictures of me wearing it. I’m absolutely hating photos of myself right now, I feel like I need to lose some serious weight, but I digress…

My own stupid mistakes with printing aside, this is a hidden gem of a pattern. I’d like to make the hoodie version with a pocket when I find some nice cozy fabric. I have a hooded sweatshirt I wear to death at home that’s from my university. It’s seen better days and a replacement would be good as I need more lounging around at home kind of clothes.

This pattern seems to have a lot of potential. I like my cropped sweatshirt version and wouldn’t be averse to making some more. Hacking this into a cardigan seems like a good idea too. It’s one of those patterns that could certainly be used time and again, a real staple.


Thanks to Zierstoff for providing me with this pattern. All opinions, and stupid mistakes, are entirely my own.

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