Why You Won’t Be Getting Any More Newsletters From Me

I’ve been sending out newsletters for a while now. Well, technically I have, but this year I really slipped and barely sent any.



Originally the plan was to send one out every month; a round up of blog posts and maybe some other stuff I’d seen and wanted to share. I’d thought about maybe doing some competitions too.


Like so many plans I have; I didn’t really follow through on it properly.


This year has been one of the most incredibly busy, stressful-but-awesome, years of my life. So the blog has taken a bit of a back seat and as for the newsletter, what newsletter?!


After not sending one out for I’m not actually sure how long, I realised that I just don’t need to. You lovely people who subscribed are already reading my blog, or connecting with me over on Facebook or Instagram. I don’t have to get into your inbox to remind you I’m here. Let’s face it, we’re all still drowning under the weight of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday nonsense in our inboxes.


I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do with the blog during 2020 and none of my plans included writing monthly newsletters. So that’s it, it’s going. During the last couple of years, planning and writing a monthly(ish) newsletter has actually stressed me out a bit. If I’ve been late sending it I’ve worried that it makes me look bad, or I’ve worried about what to include in it. It’s not been fun like the way writing here is.



So this is just a really short blog post to say THANK YOU to everyone who signed up and interacted with my via the newsletter. I really appreciate it, especially considering how many emails we all get every day. Today’s email will be the last one you’ll be getting.


Wow, that feels like a weight off my mind!



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