What I’ve Been Reading: April 2020

In January I wrote about the books that I wanted to read this year. I’d set myself a Goodreads challenge of reading 120 books during 2020.

What I've Been Reading: January 2020 | The Marvellous Mrs Maus

Focusing on Fiction

This month has all been about lockdown and trying to enjoy time at home. We’re really missing our weekly trips to the library this month. I don’t tend to borrow books so often for myself, but the girls get new books each week. Sometimes we choose non-fiction for our home education topics, but usually we come away with armfuls of fiction books.

Enjoying time at home, for me, definitely centres around reading when I can. I’d also rather read fiction, but I do think I should dip into non-fiction a little more in the coming months! Continuing the Scotland Street series has been a nice distraction from the real world and I managed to buy all of mine used online which was great.

I am disappointed that I’ve not managed as much reading as I’d hoped for this month though. As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m dipping in and out of The Lost Girls of Paris, but I’m struggling to focus on it for some reason. I’ve also got a couple of other books on the go that I really need to get finished too.

My Favourite Book in April

My favourite book during April was Taken in Nuala. I’ve mentioned Harriet Steele’s Nuala series of mysteries before and was excited when this was available on KindleUnlimited. I’m getting a lot of use from this subscription!

My least favourite book this month was Our Stop, which I read for book club. The only reason I finished it was because it was a book club choice (and I’d paid £2.99 for the Kindle edition). Otherwise it would have been abandoned very early on.

My Star Ratings For April’s Books

Here’s the full list of my April reading and my star rating out of five for each one. If you click on the rating, it’ll take you over to my Goodreads review (if there is one for that title!) 😊

Mrs Maus Reads | The Marvellous Mrs Maus

The Importance of Being Seven ⭐⭐⭐

Sunshine on Scotland Street ⭐⭐⭐

Bertie Plays the Blues ⭐⭐

Our Stop

Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers ⭐⭐⭐

Taken In Nuala ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m hoping that during May I’ll be able to focus on reading a little more. I’m currently two books behind schedule for my Goodreads challenge.

What are you reading right now?


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