My Wedding Dress (Part One: The Pattern)

Andy and I got engaged in February this year and I decided straight away that I would be sewing my own dress. I thought that, by now, I’d have not only chosen my pattern but I’d have made at least one muslin of it already. Oops…


My Special Skill Is Procrastinating


There has been some major, I repeat major, procrastination when it comes to this wedding dress. Initially, I wanted to try some dresses on to work out what I wanted and that seemed to take weeks. Honestly, trying dresses on just confused me; I thought I was set on what I wanted but it threw up all kinds of choices I hadn’t really considered. Nothing too far from my original plan, but enough to make me put off coming up with a final design.


Most of my procrastination comes from a total lack of self-confidence. Am I good enough to sew my wedding dress? I mean, it’s one thing to make party dresses and jersey stuff for everyday wear but this a garment that commands attention. All eyes on me. That’s scary. Especially when you’re a perfectionist with a bit of impostor syndrome thrown in for good measure.




When I’m worried about failing, I just avoid the thing I might fail at. So, not only have I been trying to avoid even choosing a sewing pattern, I’ve avoided sewing full stop. If my sewing machine had feelings, it’d be wondering what it’s done to offend me recently. Instead of focusing on sewing, or the blog, I’ve thrown myself into my work instead and told myself I’m too busy. It’s always a good excuse.


Choosing A Pattern

When 4th May arrived, I realised with a degree of panic that it’s a year to go until The Big Day. As far as planning goes, I think we’re kicking ass and totally on track. It’s just a case of paying for everything now, which is the most boring part!


Over the last couple of months I have been looking a dress patterns, both for me and the bridesmaid dresses. I was convinced that the Sewaholic Cambie dress pattern was the one for me. I’ve made a few and I love it. My first thought was that I’d just add lace sleeves. Then I wanted to change the back so that half of the back bodice was lace too. Then I thought that I didn’t actually have the skill to draft sleeves. And so it went on…


Choosing a wedding dress pattern


I won’t bore you, but I’ve gone back and forth with how I want this bodice to look and it was looking like I’d have to do too much to change the Cambie bodice to make it fit my vision. There’s far too much room for error there for my liking, so I started to look for another pattern.


Simplicity 4070


I've chosen the pattern for my wedding dress!


After trying on what feels like a million dresses, I want wedding dress topper, or jacket, made out of lace. It just feels like the easiest option for creating the final look that I want. It’s also made it a lot easier to choose a final pattern.


I’ve bought Simplicity 4070 and my plan is to only use the bodice. For the skirt I’m going to self-draft, which is definitely within my capabilities! I feel a lot less worried now I have this pattern.  My original plan of having a wearable muslin by November still stands and it’s definitely doable in that time frame.


Just buying this pattern seems to have lifted a real weight for me. My sewing machine came out to play over the weekend for the first time in ages too! It’s unlikely that I’ll get anything sewn once the girls break up from school this Wednesday, but as soon as they’re back to school I’m going to get my first muslin sewn up so that I can see what the fit is like.


Has anyone else had real confidence issues when sewing something for a special occasion?



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