Weaving A Wall Hanging

My favourite time of year is here again and, as always seems to happen, my crafting attentions turn to yarn. Well, it’s just so cosy isn’t it? I’ve gone a bit mad pinning yarn-based crafts. Who knew you could make pom poms that look like animals? Eleanor is very impressed! I decided to actually have a go at some weaving last week after being inspired by a tutorial I’d pinned.


Weaving In A Circle


You can definitely buy circular looms for weaving, but I used an embroidery hoop. The tutorial I came across gave instructions for setting up the warp threads and from there I just winged it! As our living room is mustard and grey, I used those colours as well as white and a little bit of navy blue. I think these colours look great together.


Weaving A Wall Hanging | Thimble End


The weaving itself was simple and very relaxing, I really enjoyed it so this isn’t the last wall hanging I’ll be making. I don’t know enough about weaving to know if the way I’ve done this is “right”, but I do know that I’m very happy with the end result! As you can see, I didn’t weave all the way to the edge of the hoop, I quite liked the look of having the warp thread showing a little.


Weaving A Wall Hanging | Thimble End


Once I’d finished the middle part, I wanted to add some long fringing underneath. I just looped the yarn all along the bottom. After that I wrapped the mustard yarn all around the hoop to hide it; I think it finishes it off really well.


Weaving A Wall Hanging | Thimble End


To hang it up, all I did was make a plait out of a few strands of mustard yarn and hook it around the metal fastening. Boom! All done and now pride of place in the living room. (Now it’s been hung up for about a week, I’m going to trim the fringing so that it’s completely straight.)


Weaving A Wall Hanging | Thimble End




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