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Hurrah for Half Term!

I can’t believe another half term has flown by, I swear it didn’t feel that quick when I was teaching! I’m really excited for this week, we’re taking the girls to London for a couple of days. We’re planning to visit the Natural History Museum which they just can’t wait for!

Last week I started to catalogue the vintage patterns I own, and I also chose five that I would really like to sew throughout this year as part of my #VintagePledge. I know it’s unlikely I’ll do all 5, but I think aiming for 2 is doable. So, drum roll please….

Maudella 5950 (1970s)

I love this coat pattern so much, it was the first one I picked out. At a quick glance all of the pattern pieces are there, even though my Grandma has used it at some point. I wonder if she sewed it for herself? One of my aims this year was to sew a coat for myself anyway, especially after seeing 5 people in one day in the coat I currently have!

 photo Maudella Coat Pattern Vintage Pledge 2016 Sew Victoria_zpsz8agem69.jpg

Simplicity 9172 (1979)

I know it’s a basic circle skirt, and I could work out my own pattern, but hey, I’m lazy so why not use this? The best thing about this pattern is that it should be a quick easy make, so I shouldn’t have any excuse for not doing it!

 photo Simplicity 9172 Circle Skirt Vintage Pledge 2016 Sew Victoria_zpsvwkayq8l.jpg

Simplicity 8508 (1978)

Another 70s pattern. I like this dress a lot, and I think it would look pretty cool in some kind of  print. I do love a novelty print. Also it would make me finally sew a buttonhole. Until I had the Juki I avoided them as my old machine didn’t like doing them.

 photo Simplicity Dress Vintage Pledge Sew Victoria_zpsnmg3wsyj.jpg

New Look Maudella 6334 (date unknown)

I chose this pattern for the version without a hood, as it’s a dead ringer for a jacket that Eleanor has from Joules. She loves it but has almost outgrown it, so I think she’d like choosing fabric for a new one. I don’t sew for my girls enough anymore, so this pattern is one I definitely want to make. If anyone knows how old this pattern is, I’d love to know. I can’t find any information about it online.

Edited to add: Sewitorthrowit suggested it was from the 80s, so I asked Simplicity (who own New Look) on Twitter and they agreed. Mystery solved!

 photo New Look Maudella 6334 Child Quilted Jacket Vintage Pledge 2016 Sew Victoria_zpsh4fluwss.jpg

Simplicity 5685 (1964)

This is the oldest pattern in my collection and I do wonder whether my Grandma made this coat for my Mom or any of her siblings. It’s not graded, but happily it looks as though it will fit Eleanor (at least by the end of the year) so hopefully she’ll end up with a new coat as well as a jacket. I haven’t forgotten about Phoebe though and I will do my best to grade the size of the coat and jacket (possibly with the aid of technology!) to her size too.

 photo Simplicity 5085 Child Coat Vintage Pledge Sew Victoria_zpszowxwx8s.jpg

I’m really excited to make a start on the coat for myself and also the quilted jacket for Eleanor as my priorities. As part of this week’s trip to London, I’ll be going fabric shopping and keeping these patterns in mind. Hopefully in my next post I’ll have some awesome fabric to show you.

What are you sewing for your #VintagePledge?



  1. 15th February 2016 / 3:34 pm

    I love that coat too, the one for you. I’m excited to see that made up.
    My guess, based on the illustration style, is that the New Look Maudella girls coat is from the 1980’s?
    These look like great projects!

    • 15th February 2016 / 3:39 pm

      Really hoping I find the perfect fabric for that coat tomorrow, although I don’t really have a colour or anything in mind. You could be right about the jacket, a lot of the patterns were late 70s / early 80s, and the illustration definitely looks similar to others from the same time 🙂

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