Vintage Pattern Sort Out

What A Week!

I really feel like it should be Friday already. This week has been a long and fairly stressful one. I’ve had a wasted trip to hospital in relation to my endometriosis and now have to go back again tomorrow, sigh. On top of that, we’re worrying about Eleanor’s eyesight; she had an eye test at school which has resulted in a referral to hospital and a (possibly neurotic) part of me is concerned the problem has been caused by an injury she had at birth. So yeah, we’re a bundle of laughs here right now.

Vintage Pattern Sort Out

Yesterday was a good morning, I was sorting through all those vintage patterns of my Grandma’s, ready to start my #VintagePledge. I counted 155 in the end, and I have a few at home too, so I think there’s 160 in all. I decided to start a spreadsheet to keep a track of which ones I’ve got. At least then if I want to look at or use any I’ll know what I have.

 photo Vintage Pattern Sort Out Sew Victoria Vintage Pledge 2016_zps5kfxpnr5.jpg

Most of the patterns have been used once, so they’re in pretty good condition. The odd one or two look more like this though:

 photo 62E72002-3189-4125-BB45-5D77BA88C934_zpshxencqv7.jpg

This wedding dress pattern was certainly used quite a few times too. Probably with me getting in my Grandma’s way! She used to make wedding dresses for lots of people.

 photo DCC171D2-C7BD-45B5-9A69-BB24E796CA06_zps9s7chb3k.jpg

I love these animal dressing up patterns, I wonder who she made them for? Sadly this isn’t a graded pattern and it isn’t the right size for either of my girls. World Book Day dressing up would have been sorted!

 photo FB826532-D8D5-47A1-B42B-5610BF555722_zpsxyikie0c.jpg

A Connection To The Past

Looking through all of these patterns properly is quite enjoyable, and it does help me to feel a connection to my Grandma too. I really do miss her a great deal, even though she’s been gone for 15 years now. I wish so much that I’d taken an interest in sewing when I was younger, I would have learnt so much from her. Sorry for the downer, I find this time of year hard as her birthday would have been on Valentine’s Day.

I’m pleased that I’ve chosen some patterns I’d like to have a go at as part of my Vintage Pledge this year, and I’m sure that my Grandma would be pretty pleased that I’m using them. I’ll show you what I’ve chosen in my next post 🙂


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