Vegan For Two Years!

November is World Vegan Month and I’ve realised that we’ve been vegan for just over two years now.

Things I've Learned From Two Years of Veganism | Thimble End

For those that are wondering, the short version of why we’re vegan is that my eldest wanted to be vegetarian and we were dairy-free anyway because of my youngest. Then I watched some stuff on Netflix and couldn’t bring myself to eat eggs again!

What I've Learned From Two Years of Veganism | Thimble End

Some Thoughts After Being Vegan For Two Years…

  • It gets really boring explaining to almost everyone I meet why I’m vegan. I don’t ask why you eat what you eat.
  • Ditto the inevitable question about protein. I haven’t met a single meat-eater who counts how much protein they eat in a day, why do you think I do?!
  • It is possible for tofu to taste amazing… honestly. I’ve been obsessed with Aine Carlin’s scrambled tofu on toast (minus the chillis!)
  • The minute my lunch is brought out at networking events, anyone with a 30 mile radius who sells Arbonne, Forever Living or Tropic Skincare will talk to me. (And no, I’m still not interested in anyone’s MLM nonsense.)
  • Most people make terrible non-dairy hot drinks, especially coffee. I’ve had a lot of disappointing coffee in the last two years.

  • I’ve eaten more new foods in past two years than at any point in my life and I love that.
  • More of our meals are prepared from scratch and better for us.
  • No, my children are not malnourished and wasting away. Yes, they get enough calcium. And protein. And veganism is absolutely their choice.
  • “So what do you eat?” is an annoying question that I’m asked fairly regularly.
  • Eating out is getting easier, but restaurants should be aware that not all vegetarians and vegans like spicy food. Making it spicy doesn’t hide the fact something has no taste.
  • Vegan cheese is wrong. Just wrong. It smells like feet and mostly refuses to melt.
  • My children are weird and enjoy eating vegan cheese.
  • Mr Singh’s make the best vegan pizza in the world and the only one worth eating. Somehow even the cheese is ok! It’s like magic.

  • All-vegan businesses don’t automatically deserve my support/money just by virtue of being vegan. If your food sucks, I’m not eating it.
  • It is possible to think you’re dying of tofu-related food poisoning. It’s funny now, but I will never eat at the Veggie Chippy ever again (to be fair their one star hygiene rating should have been a clue…)
  • I feel massively guilty wearing the leather shoes I already owned but then I feel guilty for thinking about throwing them out because they’re still wearable.
  • Buying good quality vegan school shoes is almost impossible. Another reason to be thankful the girls don’t go to school anymore.
  • Our friends and family have been brilliant about the change in our diet and always accommodate us when we visit (my mother-in-law’s vegan sticky toffee pudding is amazing!)
  • I don’t miss the foods I used to eat. Even at Christmas.
  • We eat a lot of the same things as before anyway because they’re accidentally vegan. Pass the bourbons…
  • Vegan Magnum ice creams are life-changing.
  • We were worried about having an all vegan wedding but everyone complimented us on the food and amazing cake!

Things I've Learned After Two Years of being Vegan


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