This Week…

...has mostly been spent at home, as Eleanor came home from school on Tuesday with chicken pox. It's been rife in her class for two weeks now, so it was inevitable really. I've been practising a bit of knitting though, using some gorgeous royal blue textile yarn from Hoooked.

Recycled textile yarn from Hoooked

Sewing For The Girls

I sewed two jersey dresses for my girls this week, which will be blogged later in their own post, and I've cut two two more for them. I'm excited about the ones I've cut out, they're both kits from Clothkits and they have great designs on them by Jane Foster.

I found this awesome sewing pattern on my internet travels. I must have it! We keep talking about someday maybe going to Comic Con and dressing up, well if this isn't reason enough... Eleanor declared that she will be Wonder Woman and Phoebe asked for Batgirl. Sounds good to me!

Taking part in #miymarch16 has got me thinking about my sewing plans going forward. I don't have any major ambitions, more a broader aim of sewing with different types of fabrics and slowly building up my wardrobe. I think that #vintagepledge will help me with that, and I've picked out a few other patterns to make too.

In between doing crafty stuff with my girls, like potato printing, I've printed out a few PDF patterns to get me started on some new things. I'm still not a massive fan of PDFs but sometimes needs must! Before I do fall down the rabbit hole of completely selfish sewing though, I will sew a few more things for my daughters; I'd forgotten how much I like making for them.

I'm off to finish catching up with The Night Manager now (if you haven't seen it, you need to!) and eat plenty of chocolate. It's all exciting here, lol. Whatever you're doing this weekend, happy Easter!


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