The Trouble With Slow Sewing

Slow Sewing

You’ll know by now that I’ve got a thing with slow sewing, sustainable sewing, call it what you will. It all started when I read Overdressed. It made me think about my own over consumption, which of course includes sewing. Then I wrote a post about sustainable sewing which got a fair bit of attention thanks to it being shared by the lovely Thrifty Stitcher. Since then I’ve had a few comments and emails from lots of sewists who agree with me:

It’s time to slow down our sewing.

The Problem with Slow Sewing

Let’s Go Slow

It’s not just sewing, slow fashion is quite the buzzword at the moment too. It seems like maybe our consumerism has hit some kind of peak and we’re all starting to realise that it’s not good. Not for our wallets, ourselves or our planet. Maybe I’m living in a little bubble, but on all of my social media feeds, many people are extolling the virtues of generally just slowing everything down.

What’s The Problem?

The problem with slow sewing... when you're a sewing blogger!


I realised this week that I haven’t posted a sewing-related blog post since this one. As in something I’ve actually made, as opposed to planning what I’m going to sew. I haven’t finished a garment since the third week of January! From a slow sewing point of view this is great! It means I’m not mindlessly churning out garments just to keep up with social media, trends or anything else. Hurrah!

Of course, from a blogging point of view, slow sewing means I’ve drastically reduced the amount of sewing that I’m writing about. It’s almost like making myself redundant. Thankfully sewing isn’t the only thing I write about here anymore! In some weird way though, I worry a little that if I don’t keep on sewing and writing about sewing a lot, then I will lose blog readers.

Of course, being more considered in what I’m sewing means that the process has changed a little for me too. I’m not just buying loads of novelty print cottons and whipping up dress after dress after dress. I’ll admit, I miss it a little. My wardrobe is definitely less toddler-esque these days that’s for sure. I’m still trying to strike the balance with sewing what I love, sewing what I need and sewing enough.

Your Point?

Ok, this post doesn’t appear to have much of a point. I guess I’m just voicing my thoughts about why I haven’t finished sewing anything since the end of January! There are a couple of sewing projects on the go at the moment though, so there will be sewing-related blogs to come.

One of my Make Nine choices was the Ogden cami, so I’m sewing a couple of those. It’s been a while since I made a Cambie dress so I’m sewing one of those too. Here’s a sneaky peek at the fabric I’m using, from The Fabric Fox. I’m so happy to have found some lovely novelty prints that are on unbleached cotton. It’s definitely a more eco-friendly alternative to the cheap polycottons I used to buy!

Lively Lanterns unbleached cotton

This is definitely a dress that will get well over thirty wears, so I don’t think I need to feel guilty about sewing it. I suppose that’s my issue with slow sewing in a nutshell really, I’ve given myself a guilt complex and feel the need to justify everything I’m making. I need to strike the balance!





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