The New Craft House Knickers Kit

Let's Make Knickers!

I met Rosie from The New Craft House at Stitches, and two days later I'd bought one of their knicker making kits! I fancied a nice quick project to do and one of the things I really liked about their kits, which they had on display at Stitches, was the fabric they'd chosen for them.

The knicker kits come with a lovely soft cotton lawn fabric, and you can choose which colour/design you'd like. I went with the blue ditsy floral one as it seems I'm all about navy blue this year!

These kits are priced at £18 and come beautifully packaged, which I think makes them ideal as a gift for a friend who sews. Inside the kit you get everything you need. You get your choice of fabric, cotton jersey for the gusset, elastic and a printed pattern (up to size 16) plus illustrated instructions.

I sewed the knickers straight after I finished my jacket, so I wasn't paying attention to exactly how long it took. I think it was a couple of hours from cutting out to trying on though, so it was the nice quick project that I was expecting.

I found it easier not to pin my elastic all the way around the legs and waist. Instead I pinned the frst part in place and then I sewed very slowly, stretching the elastic as I went along. The speed control and stop/start button on my Juki made this really easy. I also used the triple stretch stitch setting for the first time. I like that it makes them look like "'proper" knickers!

Sewing kickers isn't as fiddly as you might think, and I think that a confident beginner would have success with this kit as the instructions are very thorough and have illustrations too. I found the sizing to be good, they fit perfectly. Personally, I like fuller knickers so when I make some more I'm going to adjust the pattern slightly. The beauty of having the paper pattern is you can use it as a starting point and alter the style to suit yourself.

You can breathe a sigh of relief; I am absolutely not modelling these for you. Here they are all finished though. What do you think?

Look out for an interview with The New Craft House later this week, including a discount code for you to try out your own kit!



(I bought this kit myself as I liked it so much. So obviously my opinions are all my own. They didn't even bribe me with cake.)


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