Super Striped Maxi Skater Dress

Last year I started to think about sustainable sewing and it was great to get other people talking about it too. I feel like I’m still figuring a lot of things out as far as sustainable sewing goes. I’ve realised that sewing only from organic fabrics isn’t realistic, at least for me and I’ve had to reevaluate. Maybe I’m wrong. I mean I still do want to think about where my fabric comes from but it doesn’t always seem possible. What do you think?

As I’m still finding my way with this ethical sewing lark, I’m at least trying to sew garments with longevity. I want to sew things that will be in my wardrobe for years to come. I still don’t want to sew things that I don’t really need.

With that in mind, I’ve had the idea of a jersey maxi dress in my head for a while now. Over the Christmas break I decided to sew one. I’ve been surprised by how much wear I’ve been getting from my Know The Origin maxi dress, so I wanted something similar but with a gathered waist. I was also swayed by having a gorgeous new pair of Po-Zu trainers from Andy for Christmas and wondering what on earth I’d wear them with!

The Fabric

What would you make with this fabric?

I’ve been keen on getting some stripes into my wardrobe, so I treated myself to a striped textured jersey in the Christmas sales. It was from Fabrics Galore but they’ve sold out now, sorry! I had no idea how much fabric I was going to need for the maxi skirt, so I ordered 4m. After a close call with my Christmas dress, I didn’t want to run out! The fabric is exactly what I was hoping for, it’s a decent weight and doesn’t have too much stretch.

The Pattern

I do love a skater dress. I’ve bought a fair few plain ones and, of course, I have a lot of love for the Lady Skater Dress pattern from Kitschycoo. I’ve made three Lady Skater Dresses for myself so far (which you can see here, here and here if you’d like) and one for Eleanor too. Making a new skater dress seemed like a great addition to my wardrobe when considering something I’d want to wear over and over again.

Of course, this isn’t a true skater dress as I only used the bodice with three quarter length sleeves. I sized up from the others I’ve made just for a more relaxed fit, I wanted this dress to be really comfortable. Although it would sound fancy to say the skirt was self-drafted, it was literally just a gathered rectangle. I added pockets, using the pattern piece from the Cambie dress pattern as I always do.

The Sewing

If you haven’t tried the Lady Skater dress, you should. It’s such a quick and easy sew and the instructions are very clear. As I’ve sewn a few now, I don’t need the instructions and the bodice came together quickly. Even though I’ve swooned over the stripe-matching prowess of Wendy Ward recently, I didn’t purposefully try to match the stripes on this. I knew if I tried to match the stripes I’d most likely mess it up and then get annoyed!

The gathering on the skirt was very easy using elastic and the whole dress came together like a dream. Another afternoon sew while the girls were busy with new toys!

The Result

Super striped maxi dress!

It’s so easy to say this after making something new, but this is my new favourite thing. Although I love the Coco dress I just made (to be photographed!), this wins hands down. It could be the fabric (reminiscent of a cropped top I had in the 90s), the stripes or the maxi skirt but I want to wear this every day. The pockets are awesome too. I know it’s not part of my capsule wardrobe plans but it’s certainly a welcome detour. The only thing I would change is shortening the bodice by a couple of inches.

Lady Skater Dress maxi dress hack

I do want to focus on more capsule wardrobe items from here on, but I do think my wardrobe could certainly benefit from a couple more of these maxi dresses!


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