Some Christmas Stitching

It’s Christmas!

So, are we all feeling Christmassy yet? I really feel like Christmas has almost appeared from nowhere this year; I swear it was Easter the last time I checked! Thankfully we’re 99% done with presents now, so I feel ahead of the game really. We aren’t going to put our decorations up yet, as a certain two year old is just going to keep taking everything off the tree, along with her feline accomplice.

We have put up on of these today though, which I think is pretty cool as the decorations are all repositionable. It certainly kept both girls entertained!

Image credit: Hobbycraft
Image credit: Hobbycraft

Handmade Christmas Decorations

When our tree does go up, I love to put handmade decorations on it so here’s what I’ve been making this afternoon. It’s part of a set of three from Minerva Crafts and I’ve written a little tutorial for them here.

Sew Victoria Minerva Crafts Christmas house decoration

As well as these I’ve got my little Christmas tree to make with a paper piecing kit I bought from the Hobbycrafts show and I bought a kit from Cotton Clara to make a little robin, as I really loved following her recent tutorials in Mollie Makes.

I also made the girls’ some Christmas tree bunting for their bedroom from the leftovers from my recent Sophia top. The fabric reminded me of fairy lights! They just need finishing with yellow buttons on the top and then I’ll take a photo to show you all.

Lots of Sewing

I really feel like my sewing has turned a corner lately. Although it’s sad to leave behind my little business for a while, it’s done me the world of good. I’ve got another Sophia top on the go, two reversible pinafores and I made an awesome cape! Here are a couple of close up photos, annoyingly it hasn’t really been decent enough weather to take any proper photos, but I’m hoping to do that this week. (Apologies for the size of these photos, Photobucket isn’t playing nicely with me!)


 photo 065E4463-4E2A-47E1-8FBF-F6B3985CB5DC_zpsjeddmhye.jpg

 photo 86E57493-E199-4640-8B9E-4F092CC7152B_zpsujjf34na.jpg

I might even manage to sneak in a Christmas dress in the next couple of weeks, but I’m not counting on it! Ooh I have just bought the Sewaholic Cambie pattern though. How late am I to that party?! I do think it’s my perfect dress though, I have some major high hopes for that one. I will definitely get one sewn up to wear by my birthday, which gives me two months!


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