Slow Sundays

We love Sundays. Slow, relaxing Sundays after a busy week are just the best for recharging and recalibrating.

This year we made a conscious decision to spend Sundays at home, just the four of us. Think roast dinners, afternoon films with popcorn, pots of tea, podcasts playing and the occasional walk in the sunshine.

Creative block? Go for a walk!

It was hard to slow down to begin with. It felt like wasted time. We could be doing homework, we could be working, we could be running errands, we could be doing housework; we could be doing a million other things really, but I’m really seeing the value in us slowing down and reconnecting as a family. Enjoying the simple things.

Appreciate the little things

What has this got to do with sewing or crafting though?

The obvious answer is that a slow day at home is an ideal time to get on with some crafty projects. Quite often I’ll pick up my knitting for a little while, or cut out a new sewing project.

More often than not though, it’s time to get crafting with my girls. I’m so happy that they love being creative; Eleanor doesn’t go a day without drawing in her sketchbook lately. I think if children are interested in creative hobbies, it’s such a fantastic thing to help them with that. Let children see the value in being creative.

Eleanor asked me last weekend if I could teach her to crochet and we spent such a lovely hour or so making chains. She turned one into a bracelet and one into a necklace with a charm she’d made and was really excited to take them into school for show and tell. How great is that for a child’s self-esteem and confidence?

Crafting is a wonderful self-esteem builder for children

I also think that having a slow day, with no crafting, ends up being good for creativity too. It lets ideas percolate whilst you’re doing other things. It stops you from being too burnt out to create as well and I think we all need that from time to time.

Here’s to slow Sundays!



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