Simplicity 2226 Skirt: Version One

I love this skirt. I love love LOVE it. That's kind of this post in a nutshell really.

Instagram is great for inspiration and advice; I asked for some recommendations for patterns and Simplicity 2226 was suggested. Luckily I managed to grab one in a recent half price pattern sale. What is perfect about this pattern is it's a great way to showcase my love for crazy novelty print fabrics without looking too over the top.

Whilst I waited for the pattern to arrive, I read through this excellent step-by-step tutorial.  As per the advice, I made a muslin of the waistband. I thought I was a good idea, having not made a Simplicity pattern for woven fabric before.

The waistband on this pattern is gently curved, making it more comfortable and flattering than my Kelly skirt. In fact, for the next Kelly skirt I'm going to take the waistband from this pattern instead. Speaking of the waistband, did you see my bias binding? I am so pleased with this even if no one will see it. Well, I say that, I've actually shown everyone anyway! I'm pleased the insides of this ended up being so neat. I French seamed the side seams and used my overcast foot for the back seam and the pockets

As far as sewing the rest of it goes, I have nothing to say except it was so simple. It's definitely one of those patterns that'll end up being a go to when time or motivation is limited. 

I haven't mentioned my fabric have I?! I chose this light blue chambray with swallows on from eBay ages ago. Originally I had a shirt dress in mind, but lost my confidence in making one. Plus a simple skirt like this is a bit more of basic, which I've been thinking about recently.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The waistband is a little loose despite my muslin, but I think I sewed a smaller seam allowance. Still, that's turned out for the best as it means this still fits when I've bloated up (thanks endo). I think I've worn this skirt at least twice a week since I finished, which is definitely a good sign that this pattern is a winner. A few more 2226 skirts and some Simplicity 1325 tops and that could be my casual wardrobe pretty much sorted. We'll see though...

(I have learnt that chambray creases like there's no tomorrow however, so let me assure you I absolutely did iron this but these pictures were taken halfway through the day!)

For my next version of this skirt I'll make sure I get my seam allowance correct on the waistband for a better fit. Shortening the length just a bit might look better too. Apart from that I'm really happy with how this turned out!




  1. 11th June 2016 / 8:58 am

    I love it! looks super cute. I’m not surprised you want to make more!!

    • toria
      11th June 2016 / 9:17 am

      Thanks Rach! Hopefully the next one will be finished this weekend 🙂

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