Simplicity 2226 The Stamp Edition

I like Simplicity 2226. It’s easy. It’s simple. It has pockets. Winning. There will be more of these in my wardrobe for sure, they’re just good everyday skirts.

This is only the second one I’ve made though and it’s in such a loud bright fabric I don’t think I can wear it in heavy rotation. It’s too memorable. I bought the stamp fabric last summer from Higgs & Higgs via eBay because I’ve wanted a skirt with a stamp print on it for aaaaages. No particular reason, I just think the fabric is cool.

Despite this being a really easy beginner-friendly pattern, I feel it should come with a warning: Do not attempt to sew this skirt whilst distracted by friends, gossip and cups of tea! Seriously, the mistakes I made whilst sewing this was just comical:

  • Attached the waistband upside down
  • Sewed the zip in but in the wrong place (I left out the waistband; I don’t know how)
  • Sewed the zip in perfectly on one side and then misaligned the other by about 2 inches

This is what happens when you try to sew and have visitors over. Clearly my mind was elsewhere. The second time the zip went in wrong I may have sworn at the skirt and thrown it in a cupboard to atone for its sins. It stayed there until I was thinking about what to wear for the Blogtacular photowalk and realised the bright colours would be perfect.

2226 All Finished!

Of course, free of distractions, I finished it pretty quickly. I can’t tell you anything useful about what size I cut out or anything because I started this before Christmas (oh the shame!) so I can’t actually remember. I do know that ideally I should have made it a bit bigger as apparently I’ve put on weight since December. Currently it’s not the most flattering garment I own but I’ll still wear it plenty (and maybe lose weight a bit?). Here it is in all it’s photowalk glory:

Blogtacular 2017 © Amber-Rose Photography


Blogtacular 2017 © Amber-Rose Photography

I totally look like I’m trying to hide in that second photo. In fact I had probably spotted the camera and was hiding. I’m not a natural when it comes to having my picture taken.

So there we have it. A new skirt and the discovery that sewing around other people is not good for my sanity.


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