Making Shorts with Simplicity 1144

Poor blog. It’s feeling a bit neglected. I feel like this month has absolutely flown by though and has been very karate-centric for us, beginning with a whole weekend of training in Devon!

Devon Cliffs, UK
Devon Cliffs… absolutely beautiful on the morning that we left!
 Kawaii Karate Lottie
Lots of karate was done, even by Lottie!

I do have plenty of things to share with you though (I’ve got lots to say about reading Overdressed recently) but tonight’s is a quick post about some unselfish sewing!

Probably around this time last year, I bought quite a few Simplicity patterns in a half price sale, including 1144. At the time I’m sure my intention to was to sew loads of lovely summery things for my girls, but as is usually the way the pattern remained untouched for ages. Plus, the weather here in the UK is not exactly great, we get like three days of summer.

As we were going on a weekend away to Devon with our karate club, I thought I’d be a little optimistic and dig this pattern out to make some shorts. Of course, it turns out that we didn’t need them as the weather wasn’t warm enough!

Sewing these shorts was ridiculously easy. Seriously, this could be the first thing you ever sew and you’d achieve it. There are two pattern pieces for the shorts, front and back, and you cut each one twice. There are no pockets or closures which makes them an even speedier sew! I decided to use the overcast stitch on my Juki on each edge so that the fabric won’t fray. Each pair would have taken me less than half an hour from cutting out to finishing if I hadn’t.

It was good to use up a few pieces of fabric that I’ve been hanging onto for a while too, especially the superhero stuff. I wonder if it’ll be too much to wear my matching skirt at the same time?! I doubt Phoebe would be impressed.

The easiest kids shorts youll ever sew!
I’ll be honest… I’d wear them!


Eleanor was unimpressed that she didn’t get any superhero shorts but I couldn’t quite squeeze the pattern pieces for her size onto what I had left, so she chose the confetti fabric from Guthrie & Ghani after we’d completed their Easter egg hunt.

Super cute and easy children's shorts

Her another pair were some chambray ones; I had frayed them but didn’t like how it looked so I ended up sewing on some pom-pom trim instead.

Pom Pom trimmed shorts!

I sewed both the age 3 and age 5 shorts for my girls and the fit is spot on. As for waistband, I measured the elastic around the girls, rather than using the measurements from the pattern as Eleanor at least usually needs a smaller waist than her age. Of course, being an elasticated waist, it makes no difference if you wing it a bit here as the fit needs to be relaxed anyway.

Will I sew this again? Yes, absolutely. This pattern is going to become one of our summer staples and I’m going to add pockets for another version too. They love pockets for collecting all kinds of bits and pieces, you know how kids are. I’m really pleased that this pattern goes up to age 12 , that’s a lot of life for a kids pattern!

As the shorts pattern was so good, I will definitely sew more pairs in the future. It’s such a good use for larger leftover bits of fabric.


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