Sewing Vlog Episode One: Stoff & Stil Fabrics and Sewing Plans

My sewing mojo is definitely back because I’ve recorded my first sewing vlog today! Way back when I set up my YouTube channel, I had every intention of adding videos regularly. But you know what it’s like when life (and a pandemic) get in the way…

I thought I’d share with you the fabrics I had delivered from Stoff & Stil this morning; it’s always easy to show someone fabric than to just write about it! I’ve also shared my sewing plans, which I’m pretty excited about, I also thinking on getting a suitable sewing chair so I can be more comfortable and work more as well.

Sewing Vlog Episode One

This sewing vlog is only a couple of minutes long, and I’ve added subtitles, so enjoy!

What I Bought From Stoff & Stil

Sewing Vlog Episode One: Stoff & Stil Fabrics and Sewing Plans | The Marvellous Mrs Maus

Here are the links to the things I show you in my sewing vlog:

Woven viscose with sunflowers, £7.75 per metre. It’s currently out of stock with an option to be contacted when it’s back.

Light linen/viscose in black, £7.75 per metre.

Black interfacing with glue, £1.50 per piece.

Black organic thread, £2.75

What I’m Going To Sew

In my sewing vlog, I show you the patterns I’m going to use with my new fabrics. Here are some links if you’d like to have a look at them:

McCalls M6959

Made By Jack’s Mum ‘Heyday dungarees

I’m also hoping that I’ll have enough linen to make myself a Marilla Walker Maya top. I think it’s going to require some creative cutting out of my dungarees though!

I hope you enjoy my first short sewing video. I’m not going to promise to make them on a regular basis, but I’ll definitely make some more when I can!


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