Sewing My Wedding Dress (Part One)

Wow, this wedding dress blog post series has been a long time coming. We got married two months ago and, honestly, I’ve been putting off writing this. Not because I didn’t enjoy making my wedding dress, but it was such a long process that even looking at the photos makes me feel like I’m reliving the whole thing.

This blog post is more of a whistle-stop tour and I’ll dig into it in more detail in a couple more posts.

Vintage Vibes

From the outset, I knew I wanted a vintage look to my wedding dress. Something 50’s inspired. I did go and try on a few dresses to get an idea of what I wanted, but actually ended up feeling more confused! I didn’t get to try on any with sleeves either, which was definitely a must-have for me. A corset back was almost a must for me and I didn’t get to try any dresses like that on either.

So Many Sewing Patterns…

Simplicity wedding dress pattern from the 80s
One of my Grandma’s sewing patterns. Funnily enough, not the vintage vibe I was after.

Choosing a sewing pattern took an absolute age. You’ll know that if you’ve read my other blog posts. I thought I’d found the pattern when I made my wearable toile last October, but the fit wasn’t quite right and it just didn’t feel like the right dress. Apparently, when you know, you know.

I resigned myself to the fact that no matter which pattern I went with, it was highly likely that I’d be changing the pattern in some way or another.

Eventually I decided on Gertie’s Lamour Dress pattern. I really love the shape of it and thought it’d be fairly simple to make the changes I wanted to. I bought the PDF of the Lamour dress and then had it printed on A0 paper. Annoyingly, the paper pattern was taken off sale so some changes could be made and now it’s a whole new pattern with style variations. Gah.

It’s Not Procrastination, It’s Planning

For months, everyone I bumped into asked me the same question, “have you made your dress yet?”. It was almost amusing how horrified everyone looked when I said no. I guess if you can’t sew, sewing a wedding dress seems like a miraculous feat. If you can, you’ll know that actually it’s not that hard. It just takes planning.

There was certainly a lot of planning that went into my wedding dress.  Once I’d decided on the pattern I had to think about the changes I wanted to make. The Lamour pattern doesn’t have sleeves, it has a halter neck tie, so I had to consider how to add the sleeves. I also needed to get rid of the back zip and add in the corset.  After trying dresses on I’d also decided that I wanted a train that was detachable and that took a lot of thinking about too. I’ll come back to all of this in more detail in another post.

Wedding Dress Fabric

Being vegan, I wasn’t going to be making my wedding dress from silk. It was really important to me to find the most ethical fabric I could too. In the end, I bought a gorgeous bamboo silk from Ray-Stitch for the main dress and along with some organic cotton thread. The lining was made from cotton and the underlining was heavier weight cotton.

That’s a really brief overview of how the process went, but I’m going to write about each part in a little more detail in my next few blog posts 🙂 Here’s a peek at the finished dress, if you haven’t already seen it on Instagram:

Sewing My Wedding Dress (Part One)


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