Sewing My Bridesmaids Dresses

Why I'm sewing my bridesmaids dresses

Being a child of the Eighties, who was bridesmaid twice, I do not have fond memories of bridesmaids dresses of my youth. In fact, let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Little Bo Peep

When I was three, I was bridesmaid for one of my aunts. The dress in question was pale blue silk with puffed sleeves. I seem to recall that the skirt had two layers (with netting underneath) and that the top layer was a scalloped shape with lace trim. I’m pretty sure it had a belt that tied in a bow at the back. Whilst I could go in search of the photos you just need to believe that it was hideous and I looked like Little Bo Peep. In fact I might even have used it as fancy dress afterwards for that exact purpose. Still it’s what my aunt wanted so my Grandma made it. Back in the late eighties I’m guessing that would have been “on trend”.

A Floral Nightmare

The second time I was bridesmaid was for another aunt when I was 12. I’m not sure if puffed sleeves were fashionable in 1996, but there they were anyway. The fabric was a hideous floral that even Laura Ashley would have rejected. The worst bit though, was a gigantic bow that went right across the top of my bum. I mean, why? My Grandma thought it was hilarious. She was well aware that she was making the ugliest dresses in the world but my aunt got what she wanted. The more I complained to my Grandma, the funnier she thought it was.

I still have this dress purely for sentimental reasons. Inside it I can see where my Grandma wrote my name whilst sewing it. Just for that I just can’t get rid of it.

Sewing My Bridesmaids Dresses

I'm sewing my bridesmaid dresses!

Of course, Eleanor and Phoebe are going to be my bridesmaids along with their half-sister Lauren. They were not thrilled about the idea of wearing dresses, particularly if prefaced with the word “pretty” but they are happy with my plans so far.

As I’ve mentioned, the wedding is going to have a Star Wars theme, so I think we should have a bit of fun with what the girls wear. I came across an R2-D2 dress on Pinterest, unsurprisingly, but it was literally a photo with no links. Googling it to death didn’t yield any results either so I made to decision to sew my own.

I came across some applique templates for both R2-D2 and BB-8 which I’ve now printed out ready to go.

I haven’t quite decided on the dress pattern I’m going to use yet, but I’m going to start working on their dresses fairly soon. Assuming that they’ll be a size bigger than they are now, my plan is to sew almost everything except the zip and the hem so that I can fit them exactly nearer the time.

Lauren is a little older than Eleanor and Phoebe, so I understand if she doesn’t fancy a droid dress. In fact I was planning on sewing a navy blue dress for her. Something like this:

I’m pretty sure that despite our unusual choice of dresses, all three bridesmaids will never look back on the photos and cringe as much as these people!



  1. Alison Cupples
    5th March 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Please find the photos. I really want to see!

    • Toria
      5th March 2018 / 1:16 pm

      I *might* have a look when I next go to my parents’. I think the photos of the second dress are far worse!

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