Returning to Normality

Let’s face it, 2020 was not the year for writing all the content I had planned and it kind of looks like 2021 might go the same way. But then was 2020 really the year for getting anything done? I feel like I’m slowly coming out of some sort of hibernation as UK lockdown lifts in stages. With that I can feel my energy and enthusiasm returning along with some normality.



It’s not just me either, I can see the same thing in Andy and the girls. We’re just about getting ourselves back into a good home education rhythm peppered with little visits out (the pre-COVID mainstay of our “curriculum”). You wouldn’t believe how excited we were when our local library re-opened! I went for my first vaccination yesterday and that feels like a huge milestone towards normality too. (AstraZeneca for those who are interested and aside from a sore arm, mild headache and being a bit shivery I feel absolutely fine).


Returning to Normality | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


Focus On The Positive


Returning to Normality | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


In a bizarre way, this past year has had its positives for our family of four. Of course I’m not playing down how horrendous it’s been for millions worldwide, and continues to be. I do think we should hang on to any positives where we find them these days though. It gave us a chance to really slow down and think about what we really value. I appreciated not feeling pulled in all different directions with obligations I probably should have cut out some time ago. We had chance to do some things around the house too. Nothing major because we rent, but the odd lick of paint and decluttering has worked wonders.



Returning to Normality | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


We also made a huge life-changing decision, but more on that another time. We’re actively working towards our lives looking very different within 18 months. I’m really excited to share that once we’ve had chance to talk to some real-life people about our decision! Without teasing too much, it’s this decision that has kept the four of us going, particularly over the winter when things seemed bleak and never-ending. Another big decision I made, which I can share, is to train to become a Peaceful Parenting Instructor; there’ll be more about that on our home education blog but it’s something I’ve really enjoyed getting stuck into over the last 6 months.


I hope that you and your loved ones have come through this past year unscathed and can also hold onto some of the positives. I’d love to know if you’ve had a change of direction or something unexpected came up for you that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


This Blog Isn’t Marvellous


Returning to Normality | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


So this blog has been anything but “marvellous” lately. Without checking I don’t even remember the last time I posted and I’ve also been MIA on Instagram too. But with the renewed normality and energy I’m feeling recently, I definitely want to get back into writing regularly. I’ve missed it and, honestly, it probably would have been a good thing for me to continue. But hindsight is wonderful isn’t it?!


It’s been such a long time that the content I planned for last year is kind of irrelevant now! I’m ok with that though. Much better than measuring myself against a huge list of tasks that I set for myself and stressing out about “failing”! (Anyone else do this?!).


Is It Too Late To Toast To 2021?!


We might be almost half way through 2021 now, but here’s to it be a fantastic year. Here’s to meeting with friends and family, going on day trips, not getting sucked back into past obligations and just really appreciating the little things!



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