Quick Tapestry Makes: Acorn Brooches and More

Sometimes you just want to make something with quick results right? I’ve definitely been feeling like quick makes are my go to for crafting recently, so I’ve been loving the last few issues of Mollie Makes for inspiration. My latest quick makes have been some tapestry acorns from a recent issue.

Mollie Makes Inspiration

Issue 58 of Mollie Makes has been one of my favourites recently; the cover gift was a mini wooden loom so I’ve been playing around with that, but my favourite make from this issue has to be these sweet little acorns by Chloe Hardisty, AKA Cotton Clara.

 photo 3AE92166-0CE6-4737-B93E-03A413733ABA.png_zpsubc8krfi.jpeg

I went to buy supplies for this project pretty much as soon as the magazine landed on the door mat and whipped up a batch in one evening.

 photo 94D97527-3D47-4AEF-81DE-6E7165E0CBA2_zpsdwdh8sks.jpg

Tapestry Is Easy!

I haven’t had a go at tapestry since I was about 9 (my Grandma bought me a kit to make a cat picture one Christmas) and I really enjoyed it. Here’s a finished one:

 photo 8CC3D44C-95F2-4B86-9D1E-203916AA126C_zpsrec1k5mv.jpg

I loved this project so much, I did another of Chloe’s projects too, a covered jam jar. I don’t know why I obsessively hoard empty jars so at least this gave me some justification! Looks pretty doesn’t it? I love this colour combo!

 photo 90265538-AE6C-4023-87B5-0482E0286A6D.png_zpsqcducsad.jpeg

Tapestry Merit Badge

The next project I made was definitely inspired by the acorn brooches. I had to make a merit badge for a swap we were doing at the Sew Brum meet up, so I designed a cotton reel one for my swap partner, A Krafty Kat. I hoped she liked it!

A Tapestry Merit Badge!

This is definitely a craft I’m going to continue doing, just for little projects like the above. I really like the look of some of the Christmas projects by Chloe, so I may have to give those a go next!


Update: If you like this post have a look at the Christmas tree brooch I designed using the same materials!


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