Purple Is My Favourite and My Best… (A Sophia Top)

Another Sophia Top

I bought the fabric over 18 months ago, from the Rag Market in Birmingham. It was probably about £5 a metre or less. It’s been languishing, unloved, in my stash for too long so I thought it’d be a nice one to revisit the Sophia top. Now, don’t ask me exactly what this fabric is, I’m no good at identifying types of fabric. It feels silky and it’s embroidered, that’s all I can tell you!

A Christmas Do

I thought it’d be a nice top to wear for the only thing that I could possibly call a Christmas do. Every year, my closest friends and I get together and do something for Christmas. For the last few years we’ve taken it in turns to host a Christmas buffet kind of thing and we’ve swapped Secret Santa gifts. As we’re all parents now and don’t get to go out much we figured a meal out would be nice and, of course, I wanted something new to wear.

My first version of the Sophia top fit me ok, but was a little short for my liking. So for this version I added a few inches onto the hemline when I traced out the pattern, but I stuck to the same size.

Playing with Embroidery!

I do love this fabric, it’s so pretty, but it evil to sew! It frayed so much it was ridiculous (more on that later), so I had to bind my raw edges inside and use bias binding on the facing and hem too. It took ages, but I kept telling myself it’d all be worth it… As this was the first thing I made with my new Juki, I had to mess with the embroidery patterns, so there’s a pattern on the bias binding around the hem. Yeah it’s a little crooked, but I don’t care.

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Silky Sophia Top Navy Blue Binding_zpslnav051a.jpg

I’m also loving being able to sew letters. Call me a loser but it’s a real novelty right now, so I sewed the date on the neckline facing, lol. No reason, but I couldn’t think of what else to write. Maybe, “this took ages!”?

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Silky Sophia Top Embroidery_zpswcjrjsdq.jpg

Speaking of the facings, I definitely cut out the right size, but when I pinned everything together, they were a teeny bit too big. No idea what happened there. I ended up sort of pinching the fabric together right in the centre, which made a tiny pleat. It worked fine.

All Finished

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Silky Sophia Top_zpshq0dallf.jpg

You can probably see the pleat better here. I think I like this photo the best, it’s the closest to the actual colour. Damn you winter light levels! Isn’t the gold embroidery pretty?

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Silky Sophia Top Flat Lay_zpsiwvxrcrq.jpg

So at this point, you may be expecting to see a photo of me in the top at my Christmas meal yes? Sorry, I didn’t wear it after all that! I did wear my cape though, yay! I tried it on and the length was better than my first one, so that was good. But, the hem had started fraying and I also didn’t like the fit of it around my bust. It definitely draped better because of the fabric, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m definitely someone who needs bust darts in all things. Maybe even a FBA.

I promise not to keep blogging clothes that are just on hangers, but that’s more the weather’s fault than mine!


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