The Easiest Handmade Secret Santa Gift?

I’m on the fence about Secret Santa gifts. When I was teaching we always did one (and we had to write a poem too). For three years running people bought me bright coloured tights because everyone laughed at me for wearing bright coloured tights. Hilarious.

An easy handmade Secret Santa gift!

Workplace nonsense aside, the one I do with my four friends usually works out pretty well. Except that I always struggle with what to get. No way am I buying novelty gifts that border on being obscene.

A Handmade Secret Santa Gift

This year I got my friend Amie, who I’d sewn an Astoria for earlier in 2017. She’s also had an appliquéd cushion from me in the past and always appreciates anything handmade. I love her reaction to anything I’ve sewn too, you’d swear I’ve got superpowers.

Using supplies I already had, I decided to make her a little snap frame purse. I came across the snap frame recently and remembered that I’d bought it from Guthrie & Ghani about three years ago. I think my intention was to make a few purses as Christmas gifts but I can’t remember why I didn’t. The fabric was leftover from making Eleanor’s shorts back in the spring. I’ve never made a snap purse before so I used Lauren’s tutorial and it was very easy. That said I got Andy to glue the frame in; I was scared I’d mess it up.

My Finished Secret Santa Gift!

What do you think? I’d be pretty happy to receive this Secret Santa gift.

The easiest Secret Santa gift I've ever made!

The easiest Secret Santa gift!

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The budget we’d set for our Secret Santa gifts was up to £10. As I’d used supplies I had to hand, I bought a couple of things to put inside the purse. Amie loves earrings, so I got her some and also a gin and tonic lip balm too. I admit, I was a little tempted to keep the lip balm!

2017's Secret Santa gift

I’m pretty sure that Amie liked her present. She also seemed amazed that I’d made the purse so mission accomplished! I’d definitely consider making these purses for gifts in the future. Definitely the easiest Secret Santa gift I could have chosen!


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