Why I Use a Passion Planner Instead of a Bullet Journal

This post is not in collaboration with Passion Planner. I bought mine, I love it and I wanted to tell you all about it!

I love my Bullet Journal. I’ve used the Bullet Journal for maybe three years now, some times more than others. If you’ve ever looked at Bullet Journals on Instagram or Pinterest you’ll know that they can be a total time suck if you’re keen on creating pretty layouts on each page.

Why A Passion Planner?

Why I love my Passion Planner

As much as I liked my Bullet Journal, I realised I was spending more time faffing about making it look pretty than actually using it a lot of the time.

I started searching the internet for a planner to use instead. I wanted something that had plenty of space for each day, lots of blank pages and some extra bits and pieces similar to the pages I was creating for my Bullet Journal.

Once I came across the Passion Planner I was sold, despite having to pay for international shipping. Immediately, I loved the set up of it; it was exactly what I needed and I could still customise it a little.

What’s Inside?

I bought the A5 dated version for 2018. You can also get an academic version and an undated one. There’s also the option of having them A4 size, but I needed the smaller one to keep it with me every day.

Each month has a double page spread and each week is laid out over two pages as well. There are plenty of blank and gridded pages at the back and a handy little pocket to keep things in. Useful, but nothing special so far, right?

What I think sets the Passion Planner apart from others is how it is set up for long, medium and short term goal setting.

Passion Roadmap

Right at the beginning there is a double page for creating your “passion roadmap” which is basically your wish list for 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and your lifetime. I found it really useful to spend some time on New Years Day focusing on this.

Passion Planner is awesome... here's why

Monthly Spread

Each monthly spread has space for you to do a mind map of your month’s game changer; choose a personal and work focus; list people to see, places to go and things not to do. There is also space to list 8 personal and work projects. I like that this planner is set up for life and work.

Weekly Spread

How I Use My Passion Planner

Each week has a column for each day, split into half hour increments. Some weeks I’ve used the layout as is and some I’ve ignored the times and gone more Bullet Journal-style list with it.

Also on each weekly spread is space to write your focus for the week; record good things that happen during the week; and create a personal and work to-do list. There is also an inspirational quote and a little task or something to think about during the week. A third of one page is a “space of infinite possibility” to use however you like.

Why I'm using my Passion Planner instead of a bullet journal

Monthly Reflection

I think this is such a good idea! There are six questions and a checklist to do at the end of each month. For me this has been so useful, even though I’ve only done three! It’s helped me to keep focused on the goals I set back in January; keep track of everything I have to be grateful for; keep track of how I’m spending my time and look at how I want the next month to be.

Using a Passion Planner for Monthly Reflection

At the end of June, there’s another passion roadmap to complete as well. Another great idea for keeping your goals on track.

Eco-Friendly Planning

It’s important to me to make eco-friendly choices where I can. You could argue that paperless planning would be better, but I prefer to write on paper. That said, I do use Evernote alongside my planner; mostly for keeping copies of letters and receipts as well as drafting blog posts. I also use the calendars on the iPhone which are synced with Andy’s.

Thankfully, the Passion Planner is an eco-friendly choice and vegan-friendly too! The covers are faux leather and all of the paper is recycled. There is also a eco line of diaries with a removable, reusable cover. I admit that I didn’t opt for the eco diary. My reasoning being that if for any reason I didn’t enjoy using it, I wouldn’t reorder the insert. Next time I order one, I will have an eco version.

A big eco downside to my Passion Planner is that I had to have it shipped from the US. I’m not happy about the carbon footprint obviously, so to try to offset that in some way I’m now making a monthly donation to WWF. I’m really hoping that there’ll be a UK stockist for Passion Planner in the near future, but as one of my best friends also has one we can at least order together next time.

Edit: Since I wrote this post, Passion Planner have announced that they’ve withdrawn the eco version from sale because of some manufacturing issues. Fingers crossed the problem can be fixed and the eco version will be back on sale soon.



  1. 27th January 2019 / 11:45 am

    Same. I’ve just mentioned this post into a new one of mine because I’ve come to the same conclusion. I gave up on the bullet journal for the most part because it’s something that requires lots of time. I hope the Passion Planner works for me as it did for you.

    • Toria
      11th February 2019 / 1:42 pm

      It definitely can take up a lot of time when you get into the decorating of it. I’m on my second year of the Passion Planner now and love it. I do spend a bit of time making it pretty, but not too much!

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