No Shampoo For Four Months?!

Before I get into this blog post, I have to admit a major failing on my part. I did not take any photos. Yep, this idiot thought it’d be a good idea to write about her hair without taking any photos of her hair. So whilst I tell you all about how I didn’t use shampoo for four months, you’ll just have to take my word for how my hair looked. *face palm*


No Shampoo For Four Months?! | Thimble End


Why On Earth Would You Stop Using Shampoo?


I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m never particularly happy with my hair. After we got married it was really getting on my nerves. I’d been growing it for over a year and had it cut shorter not long after the wedding. I usually have it dyed too, but didn’t this time because something was really bothering my scalp. Every time I washed my hair, or even brushed it, my head was itching like crazy. My hairdresser told me to buy some new brushes. Nope, didn’t work. I came to the conclusion that my shampoo was irritating the life out of me.


You wouldn’t believe the decision-making fatigue that comes with me buying any kind of toiletries or beauty products these days. Seriously, I feel like Chidi from The Good Place. My first concern is that the product is vegan and cruelty-free. Then I’m worried about the amount of plastic packaging involved. Then of course it actually has to work and not cost a small fortune. It’s exhausting. I completely acknowledge my privilege here; I’m lucky to be able to dither so much over pointless crap like shampoo, I get that.


Anyway, having made some deodorant and been very happy with the results, I started wondering if making your own shampoo is a thing. Long story short, I discovered that “no ‘poo” is a thing. Who knew?!


So I decided to just stop using shampoo. Simple as that. Worst case scenario, I’d go buy some. I figured that you really can’t get more vegan and plastic-free than hot water coming from the shower. So basically I carried on with washing my hair as I usually would, just without any product.


What Happened To My Hair Without Shampoo


No Shampoo For Four Months?! | Thimble End


  1. No one noticed. That’s got to be a good thing!
  2. It didn’t smell synthetically clean. It just smelt like, well, hair.
  3. I barely used my hairdryer because it dried way quicker.
  4. It didn’t need washing as often. I went from washing it every three days to probably once every five or six.
  5. It wasn’t as frizzy and so I stopped straightening it as well.
  6. It felt healthier.
  7. My scalp stopped itching!


Again, apologies for the lack of photos. I am a doofus. Weirdly my hair felt better than it had in ages and I felt more confident. All I was doing was scrunching it with a bit of mousse and just leaving it. I’ve never had “just leave it” hair in my life.


No Shampoo For Four Months?! | Thimble End


Reading up on the benefits of not using shampoo, it seems that once your scalp isn’t fighting against the shampoo and conditioner and serum and the other crap you put on your head, it’s producing the amount of natural oil your hair actually needs. I found that this took a couple of weeks, but it definitely happened.


Back To Shampoo?


So why four months with no shampoo? Why not a pledge to a lifetime of no shampoo?

I’ll admit, I washed my hair with the teeniest bit of shampoo last week. We’d been to Forest School and my hair absolutely stunk of smoke from the camp fire. I’d washed it with just water but the smell was driving me crazy. My hair was also starting to feel a bit heavier. Although I’d gone without shampoo I was still using mousse and I’d also had a really lazy week of just spraying it with dry shampoo. I know, yuk.


No Shampoo For Four Months?! | Thimble End


The tiny bit of shampoo I used did the trick and my hair feels back to normal again now. Maybe four months is as long as I can go without it, maybe it’s longer, we’ll see.


Given that my hair really did feel better than ever, I’m certainly not going back to using shampoo all of the time. I figure that even if I only use it a few times a year that’s still saving a lot of single-use plastic (plus a lot of money).

It does make me want to cry when I think of all of the overpriced hair care crap I’ve bought at the hairdressers over the years, but at least I know better now!


Do you think you could give up shampoo, or I am completely insane?



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