Almost a New Look 6217 and Some Sewing Woes

Last week I started thinking about sewing some new patterns. I feel like I could sew the Cambie dress over and over, but I definitely need more variety in my wardrobe and, in particular, more separates.

I ordered a bunch of Simplicity patterns, which I'll blog later, and whilst I impatiently waited for them to arrive I dug out New Look 6217. New Look 6217 is a multi garment pattern but I was mostly interested in the top. I figured I only needed an evening.

I got this pattern free with an issue of Sew magazine last year I think. I hadn't really considered it before. I'm still not convinced I'd make the other garments. The monochromatic bunny print fabric (I think it's crepe?) has shamefully been hanging around in my fabric cupboard for three years! It was only £1 per metre, from the Rag Market and I bought it not knowing what I'd do with it.

The tope from New Look 6217 is a simple top, with no fastenings. It's literally two pattern pieces. I decided to change the back of the top slightly and add a purple exposed zip for an interesting detail. The zip was free in my SewBrum goody bag last year and I think it was from Guthrie & Ghani. Bargain top!


The fabric was such a pain to cut out, it was shifting about all over the place. I had to try to cut it on the carpet, the table was too slippery. I must have put my weight onto my left hand weirdly because I've managed to set off my tendonitis again. It was so painful that I couldn't even lift my phone up. 


Over the last couple of days the pain hadn't eased up much, I haven't been able to use my left hand at all which means I can't drive. I went to the doctora and was horrified when he said I can't sew for a month. A whole month! Typical isn't it? Just after I'd bought all those new patterns and fabrics and got my sewing motivation back. Just as well I have a little blogging back log I can catch up on, albeit it slowly and with one hand. Fingers crossed that the physiotherapist I see on Tuesday has some different advice. I may go crazy.

So I don't have a finished New Look 6217 top to show you at all. The two pieces are cut out and will be ready for me in about a month!


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