A Dress You Can Trace From Seed To Wardrobe!

End of an era

It’s been such a strange week for us this week. Both of the girls are now in full time school, with Phoebe starting Reception yesterday. It’s the end of an era as I’ve been at home with at least one child for six years now, but I hadn’t stopped to think about it until I started to write this post. Of course I’ve already had people commenting that I should be returning to teaching now.


If you got this month’s newsletter, you’ll know that what I’m actually doing is working four days a week on our IT business. I’m reserving one day a week to sew and have some time for myself!

Anyway, you’re not here for that. Let’s get on with talking about ethical clothes…

A not-so-capsule wardrobe

I’ve been feeling a bit sad about the state of my wardrobe lately. After a serious clear out, KonMari-style, I was left with not a lot to wear at all. Now, I have no problem with a capsule wardrobe, but I’d left myself with plenty of things that didn’t exactly go together. So I end up wearing the same few things over and over again, meaning to sew something new and never quite getting around to it. I don’t really buy myself new things very often since having children and my recent re-education about the fashion industry has left me feeling pretty flat and not wanting to buy anything either.

My recent Astoria sweatshirt semi-disaster left me feeling annoyed. I’d made two of these bloody things thinking that they’d go with pretty much everything I do still wear. The day I’d finished them and realised they were fairly unwearable, I had an email newsletter from Know The Origin. Ten minutes later I’d bought a new dress and frankly was feeling better about life.

Trace this dress right back to where the cotton seeds where grown!
Image credit: Know The Origin

Big retailers pay attention, this is fashion done right

Know The Origin have a range of basics for men and women that are Fairtrade and organic. What I absolutely love about their website is that you can literally trace a garment back to where the cottons seeds where planted. Talk about transparent, they even have addresses for the farms they use. Know The Origin really are living up to their name, as every process of your garment is laid out in the same way and these guys have actually visited each place too. Big retailers should pay attention; this is fashion done properly. Stop pretending you can’t give consumers this information because it’s commercially-sensitive. No one believes you.

Navy blue, of course

It’s by accident that many of my clothes have ended up being navy blue over the past couple of years. Dark grey and navy blue, that’s me. I wasn’t particularly looking for a navy blue dress when I was browsing on Know The Origin, but I definitely wanted something that would be a good basic piece. Something I’d wear over and over again. I want clothes that are versatile and can be dressed up or down, or worn with other things, and this totally fits the bill.

Know The Origin - organic, ethical and awesome clothes!

I ordered my dress on Sunday evening and it arrived on Tuesday! The packaging was minimalist and, of course, eco-friendly which I liked.

Minimalist Eco-friendly Packaging from Know The Origin

My first impression of my new dress was how lovely and soft it was. Being a sewist I tend to have a look of the insides of my clothes and I thought this dress was really made. Love the navy blue colour too, it’s perfect. Andy thinks it’s black, but he is colour blind!

I tend to fall somewhere between a 12 and 14 (UK) and I don’t like clingy clothes, so I ordered the XL. The fit is perfect. It’s so comfortable. I mean, I still have a visible tummy, but I’m going to give myself a break here, I have had two kids!

I know, a terrible choice of background colour!

Dressed up or down, it’s still awesome

It looked great dressed up with heels when I went out for dinner with my friends, but I know it’ll also get plenty of wear with trainers too on more casual days. It’s a total winner.

I will absolutely be buying some more things from Know The Origin. I’ve got my eye on some things for Andy too as they do menswear.


(This post is not a collaboration with KTO. I bought my dress, loved it and wanted to tell everyone!)

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