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Knitting for Relaxation

I’m really enjoying this knitting lark. It’s funny as I never thought it’d be something I’d ever be able to do. Everything is still very basic, I can only knit and purl, but I’m finding it a good way to relax and clear my mind. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for all thing yarn-related recently and I came across this awesome idea of a “Mood Scarf” from Leaf Cutter Designs. I thought the premise behind it fitted in quite nicely with what I’m trying to do lately:

The Mood Scarf pattern asks you to pay close attention to your feelings and knit a little bit of yourself each day for one month. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful record of your inner journey and a roadmap to your own emotional well being.

I decided to choose some different colours of Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK yarn, all from Wool Warehouse:

Orchid Pink Petrol Pumpkin Denim

I’ve assigned each colour to an emotion. Purple is happy; teal is bored; mustard is calm and blue is anxious. The purpose of the scarf is to knit a row each day in which colour corresponds to your mood.

I’m really enjoying this slow knitting so far, and I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on Instagram on my progress. I may knit for longer than a month, I’m going to see how the scarf is looking!


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