Meet: Arture and their sustainable vegan accessories

Remember the post about cork leather and the keyring I made too? Literally just after I’d written those posts I met Keshsa in a Facebook group I’m part of. Keshsa, and her business partner Shivani, run Arture, a company specialising in accessories made from cork leather. Meant to be or what?

I chatted with Keshsa about Arture making an appearance on the blog because I fell in love with their products straight away. In the interests of being completely transparent with my readers, I’m going to tell you that we agreed I would write two posts in exchange for loaning some of their products for a short time. No payment, no affiliate links. I genuinely want to bring this brand to your attention because I love what they’re doing and I think you will too.

Who are Arture?

Arture are based in India and were founded in 2015, with a helping hand from an Indiegogo campaign. The aim of the company is simple: to create beautiful fashionable accessories that are cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly. Cork leather is obviously the perfect medium for this vision!

Arture make beautiful eco-friendly accessories
Image credit: Arture

To add to their ethical credentials, this year Arture have partnered up with ResQ, an animal charity. Not only does each purchase mean a donation to ResQ, you can even see in the item description how the donation will be used. So buying a wallet means donating food for a day for one dog in a shelter, or a handbag is the donation of an oxygen mask. I think this is a lovely touch and it’s great to know how customers purchases are really helping.

I wish I was going on holiday…

When I chatted to Keshsa about this blog post, we agreed that I would borrow a couple of accessories. I didn’t know what I was going to get so it was a lovely surprise when I received a gadget sleeve and passport cover. I will admit now that I don’t currently have a valid passport, nor do I have any holidays booked, so aside from admiring the passport cover I won’t be using it. Sad face.

No, not leather... vegan eco-friendly cork leather!
My photo editing skills are not up to scratch here; this passport cover is actually maroon!

The gadget sleeve though. Oh my goodness… I absolutely love it. Just look:

Arture: Sustainable vegan accessories


The first thing that struck me about my delivery was the packaging. It’s clean and simple, but also eco-friendly. This bag is the one from the gadget cover and it’s big enough for me to carry an A4 notepad in, so I can happily reuse it. Both the gadget case and the passport cover were wrapped in tissue to protect them, which is of course recyclable.

Arture: Ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free accessories.

When I wrote my post about cork leather, I’d mentioned that it is possible to dye it. The cork I made my keyring from was natural so I hadn’t seen any that had been dyed before my delivery from Arture. What I really like about the dye on both items is that you can still see the texture of the cork which makes every piece unique.

The passport cover is black cork leather inside and has space for bank cards too:

Gorgeous vegan passport cover from Arture

The gadget cover is lined with black cotton, to protect whatever you put inside, and has a cork leather label.

Arture: Ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free accessories

Luxury accessories

Each piece is so well made, they really are beautiful luxury items. I really love the look of the gold zip contrasting against the black of the gadget sleeve, and I like that the zip curves around one edge making it easier to get items in and out of it.

The gadget sleeve is very spacious too. I have the iPad mini and as you can see from the photo further up, it has more than enough room inside. I’ve also put a mini keyboard, stylus, bullet journal and a pen inside with the iPad and it all fits perfectly. I tried it out with Andy’s iPad 2 and, again, there’s plenty of room.

Versatile accessories

I love clothes and accessories that can be more than one thing. Once, I had a black skirt I used to wear as dress back in those almost forgotten pre-children days! I am definitely going to be using this gadget sleeve as an oversized clutch bag. It may be in the parent in me, but I rarely leave the house without a tonne of stuff these days, so oversized is the way to go. For once, I even have a night out coming up later this month for my friend’s birthday. I may not know what I’m wearing, but at least one of my accessories is sorted!

A trial period

I love reading product reviews before I buy something, but rarely do I see reviews written past that I-love-everything-about-this-shiny-new-thing stage. With this in mind, I’m going to use my gadget sleeve for a while and then report back with a updated review. So far I totally love it, but let’s see how I feel about it after actually using it.

In the meantime please do go and give Arture some love over on their social media. I know they’d appreciate it! You can find them here:







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