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It’s been a while since I made anything for myself. Well anything from start to finish; I seem to have plenty of abandoned projects here and there that I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to finish. Please tell me that the rest of you also have a bag of random half-finished projects too?!


After SewBrum on Saturday, I felt inspired to get sewing for myself again. I thought I’d start with a simple quick make. I wanted instant results with minimal effort! So, I decided to make the Sophia top from the last issue of Love Sewing. I love the sequinned one they have on the cover, wouldn’t it be great for Christmas?!

Anyway, at SewBrum we had a fabric swap and I picked out this patterned beauty. Big thanks to whoever brought it along, it’s such a great colour even though my photo doesn’t do it justice:


The top itself was so easy and so quick, I managed to get it done in the couple of hours that Phoebe was at nursery. Usually when I make something for myself I neglect the insides a bit, just out of laziness and impatience to wear whatever it is, but not today! I zigzagged all the inside seams and pressed everything properly, discovering that a tightly rolled up hand towel makes a good substitute for a tailors ham.

Half way through, I started to worry about whether the shape of the top would suit me, as I prefer wearing things with a nipped in waist, but figured that if it wasn’t perfect it didn’t matter as it could be a pj top. I think my main stumbling block with sewing lately is worrying: I worry about cutting into my nicer fabrics, I worry that things might not fit, I worry that things won’t suit me. So from now on, I’m going to try to just get on with stuff! If it works, fab, if it doesn’t then I’ll still have learnt something or just practised my techniques. I guess following so many sewing bloggers and sewists on social media has a lot to answer for. It’s inspiring and I love to see what others are doing, but there’s always this voice in my head telling me I’ll never be as good. It’s about time I gave myself a break.

A Finished Sophia

Sophia Top Sew Victoria

Thankfully, I was pretty happy with the Sophia top when I’d finished it, and I have a high-waisted circle skirt in bright blue which I’m going to pair it with. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a cropped top with anything that wasn’t high-waisted (unlike when I was a teenager!), so when I make my next one of these I’m going to make it a little longer as the fabric I’ve chosen goes with a pair of red chinos I have. Alternatively I could just wear a vest top underneath.

I’d recommend The Sophia top if you’re looking for a quick sew and something to get your confidence up a bit. You know, I might even challenge myself and go get some sequinned fabric next! If you’ve made this, what kind of fabric did you go for?



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