Learning To Knit

I Can Knit!

Way back in January, I had a go at arm and finger knitting after my awesome friend Laura sent me a copy of her book. I really enjoyed it and said that 2015 would be the year I would learn to knit properly. I’m counting this as a win as last week I finally spent some time with some knitting needles, some yarn and my Mom’s copy of Reader Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.

yarn rainbow

I’ve really enjoyed it, which surprised me. My right hand isn’t in complete agreement as I suffer from tendonitis from time to time. No matter, I like the idea of having a slow knitting project on the go that I dip in and out of.

I wouldn’t go crazy and call myself a knitter yet but I can cast on, do a basic garter stitch (I think!) and cast off again. Go me! I know, it’s hardly earth-shattering stuff but it’s a start. So here’s what I’ve been doing…

Bring Me Sunshine

Knitting some sunshine

This sunshine yellow textile yarn has been hanging around since January, so this is the second thing I had a go at knitting. The first was just a rectangle, for practise, which is now being used as a blanket for my daughters’ soft toys. I started knitting this at the hospital the other day whilst waiting around and discovered that it’s quite a nice way to waste some time. I didn’t really have anything in mind and had no idea how far one ball of yarn would go, so when I ended up with a pretty dense rectangle I decided to fold it in half, sew the sides up and add some bag handles.

Bag handles close up

Not too bad for a novice! I need to secure the handles on a little better, but I love this little bag. I suspect the weight of this yarn and the chunky needles made it more forgiving to knit with in terms of tension? Phoebe is after it though and keeps running off with it, so I think I may knit the girls both a little cross body bag after Christmas.

Knitting Is More Addictive Than I Thought

The night after finishing this I had a urge to have another go (who knew knitting could be so addictive?!). I had some lovely soft grey yarn to use, bought back in January after I went on a bit of a yarn-buying binge. I decided on a scarf, but still having no clue as to how much yarn is needed for a project, it ended up being a little snood instead.

Grey yarn close up

If you look closely at this you’ll see where I dropped a stitch and I guess it’s all wavy because of the tension. But, whatever, I can totally knit! At least more than I could a week ago. So yeah, this wavy bit of knit became a circle scarf, which can double as a snuggly headband type thing when folded in half.

Circle scarf

I’m counting both little projects as a win. And this week I also discovered there’s a gorgeous little shop near me that sells all things knitting and crochet, hurrah! I don’t ever think that knitting will be something I do regularly, or even that I’ll ever manage to knit a recognisable garment, but hey you never know. I shall keep persevering and obsessively pinning stuff on Pinterest. Have you got any hints, tips or links I need to see?


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