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Saturday; I’d thought you’d never get here! Of course, once you have children relaxing Saturdays are pretty much a thing of the past. We have a birthday party every Saturday for a month soon…. The last fortnight has been a bit of a mixed bag for me, but happily I’m finding time to sew and do some knitting again which is good.

Happy birthday To Me

My birthday came and went without any fuss, and this year that’s exactly what I wanted. Andy and I went into Birmingham and visited the museum and generally had a quiet day until the girls came home from school. I did share this photo on Instagram but I saw this in an exhibition and thought it seemed pretty pertinent right now:

World events since Brexit are why I stopped blogging for a bit; it seemed frivolous to be all “look I sewed a pretty thing”. I agree with a few bloggers recently that have said actually whilst things suck we need the distraction of nice things (as long as we’re not ignoring the bigger picture).


So in the spirit of a frivolous distraction, here’s the awesome Cath Kidston dinosaur dress I bought with my birthday money. I’m too cold to wear it right now, but I will live in it soon enough.


I decided that now my hands don’t seem to be hurting as much lately, I’d try to take up knitting again. I can do stockinette stitch now!

Tin Can Knits

I really like Tin Can Knits’ Simple Collection which is a bunch of free patterns you can work through to build up skills. I first came across the patterns over a year ago and tried to convince my Mom to knit sweaters for the girls. She didn’t, so I want to learn to do it myself. Matching sweaters for us all by Christmas! Well, maybe…

I’ve started with the Wheat Scarf in a mustard colour. On the days when the little one is only in nursery for a couple of hours, I’ve been taking up residence in a new cafe near school and slowly knitting away.

I’ll be honest, it’s not going well, although to look on the bright side I have learnt how to use waste yarn as stitch markers and for holding stitches so I don’t frog it too far. I have ripped this back countless times now because rib stitch seems to be beyond my understanding. I know what I need to do and I think I’m doing it right but my tension is appalling and I have muddled myself up a few times (don’t talk to me if I’m knitting!). I did lose my temper completely and frog the whole thing the other day! But, I will persevere and maybe have a a scarf sometime before the bad weather disappears, haha. Maybe I need a real life knitting person to show me what’s going wrong instead of relying on YouTube videos.


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