Knitted Purple Shrug

Knitting On A Deadline!

After I sewed the Secret Garden dress for my friend’s wedding, I wanted a shrug or short cardi to wear with it (not least of all because the zip is a disaster!). When you’ve just learnt to knit, it’s the week before Christmas, 48 hours until your friend’s wedding and you still haven’t made your daughters’ main Christmas present, what do you do? Why you knit one of course!

My vibrant purple yarn was from Wool Warehouse and I used this shrug as my inspiration. I figured that it would be easy enough as it’s just a rectangle, and it was. It’s the knitting equivalent of when you start out sewing rectangles and feel really pleased with yourself!

What I Learnt

I did learn a bit from completing this project.

  • Knitting is not something to be done for a short deadline. I can sew a dress in a fairly short amount of time, but I need to take my time over knitting.
  • I understand now what “blocking” means and I also do not want to be doing it about 8 hours before the blocked item needs to be worn!
  • Anything that is 100% wool will always make me itch. It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks.
  • I need to practise sewing thing together properly. This is totally wearable, but the seams are not neat enough.
  • I can knit! I can really do it! * happy dance *

So, like I said it’s basically a rectangle, which you then fold in half and then sew up the side seams leaving the arm holes.

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Knitted Shrug Flat Lay_zpsmeamvyr2.jpg

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Knitted Shrug Sleeve_zpsutuxoy5u.jpg

Then, boom! You’ve totally got yourself a shrug:

 photo Sew Victoria Purple Knitted Shrug_zpshlqbzloq.jpg

Despite the crazy deadline I imposed on myself for this, I did enjoy knitting it and having something wearable at the end of it. It’s just like a silver knitted shrug I bought for a Christmas party about 8 years ago so that makes me doubly pleased.

I will definitely knit more of these, I love a good shrug (I’ve started one already, but I’m going to make it bigger). I think knitting a few of these will be a good way of practising different stitches too.

Looking forward to sharing my next little knitting project with you!


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