In the Navy (Or, I Knitted A Shrug!)

Another Knitted Shrug

Just a quick post today. I’ve knitted another shrug, similar to the purple one, but this time in navy blue to go with my Ahoy There dress. This year, I’m trying to make myself a wardrobe that actually all goes together. This shrug will go with this dress, the flamingo Lilou and also the dress I bought from my birthday money:

I’m still knitting away with a garter stitch, so I did the same again for this. The yarn I used was Hayfield Bonus Chunky (shade 0971). It’s 100% acrylic and means I won’t be itching like crazy! I bought it on a 3 for 2 offer in Hobbycraft, so this has worked out cheaper than going and buying a shrug or cardigan. I’m pretty happy with that, as usually when I make something for myself, it’s never cheaper than RTW!

 photo 57309863-9821-42E6-A36E-105D8CFD012C_zpstikazqoa.jpg

Knitting For Relaxation

I knitted the majority of this whilst stuck in bed one Sunday watching Friends. My endometriosis has been causing me more frequent pain in recent months, but at least weekend flare ups mean I can stay in bed and now I can knit I don’t feel like it’s completely wasted time. I wish I’d learnt to knit years ago, what with all the hospital appointments and operations I’ve had, it would have been a really great use of my time, but never mind.

 photo 05EA40E3-83E7-44EA-A6CE-DAFBC8F66A5E_zpswnsedyck.jpg

That’s such a terribly grainy photo, I think I’d tried to use the front-facing camera on my iPhone. Here’s a better one. I basically knitted it the same as the purple one but then added smaller rectangles to make the sleeves. Considering I made it up as I went along and just eyeballed the measurements, I think it’s pretty good! It’s definitely the right length for wearing with dresses 🙂

Lots of Navy Blue

 photo A8FB6FE1-4B76-4FC2-B658-0C8C1D535345_zps3cnes7pb.jpg

I love it with this dress and I’m really pleased to have made my whole outfit for my birthday meal. I’m definitely going to wear this a lot whilst it’s so cold!


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