I’m Joining In With Me Made May 2020

Me Made May 2020 has begun over on Instagram, courtesy of course of So Zo. I don’t usually join in and I know that I’ve written a grumpy post about it in the past. In fact my most recent grumpy post was this one in December, so you’d be forgiven for wondering why the change of heart.


I'm Joining In With Me Made May 2020 | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


So Why Now?


My overall feelings towards sewing challenges hasn’t changed for the most part, but really Me Made May 2020 isn’t a sewing challenge. Anyone who makes or alters their own garments can make a pledge that means something to them in relation to their handmade wardrobe. What has made me grumpy about it in the past is seeing people churning about tonnes of new garments to have something new to show off each day. And do you know what? It’s none of my business if they do. If sewing a new thing each day makes you happy, then all power to you.


I’m missing sewing. Sewing my wedding dress really put a lot of pressure on me and, frankly, put me off for a while. I’ve done the odd alteration and started a new skirt, but my poor Juki has been gathering dust for a while.


It feels like joining in with Me Made May 2020 is the gentle reintroduction I need to a something I love to do. Instead of wasting my time watching TV, I want to get back into sewing. My mental wellbeing needs it more than ever. It’s also the kick up the butt I need to start getting dressed like a real grown up during this period of lockdown.


My Me Made May 2020 Pledge


I'm Joining In With Me Made May 2020 | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


I pledge to wear something handmade for at least five days a week. This means that I will actually get dressed properly, as pretty much all of the things I’ve made are dresses.


I will alter the handmade clothes that are too big for me. Since losing weight and dropping two dress sizes, a lot of my clothes don’t fit very well. That means I’ve avoided wearing them, but my handmade garments deserve better!


I will make two new things to make me smile during May.⁣ I’m still all about slow and sustainable sewing and I think this part of my pledge reflects that. I know there are a lot of gaps in my wardrobe, but aiming for two finished garments feels gentle and achievable.


Are you joining in with Me Made May 2020? What’s your pledge?




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