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If you know me in real life, you’ll know how much I love IKEA. This has rubbed off onto my daughters, who think that a trip to IKEA with lunch is the best day out! So you can imagine how excited I was when I got an email announcing that I’d been selected to be part of their Live Lagom programme this year. I may have jumped up and down a bit.


IKEA's Live Lagom Community | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


“Lagom är bast” means “the right amount is best”


In a nutshell the idea behind Live Lagom is to reduce your waste, live sustainably and save money. This couldn’t be any closer to the way that we try to live as a family. You can read more about it on IKEA’s website.


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What is the Live Lagom Programme?


The Live Lagom programme runs for a year, with customers from every store in the UK and Ireland. I applied through an email I got from IKEA Family (their loyalty card). I wrote about why I thought I’d be a good fit, mentioning our sustainable lifestyle and, of course, this blog.


Usually participants would be invited into store to do workshops and other events. Of course, COVID has put paid to any in-person fun. There will still be themed workshops throughout the year, but they’re all planned to take place over Zoom until further notice.


I am a little disappointed about this, firstly because I really struggle with group Zoom chats, but also because I’d love to see behind the scenes at my local IKEA! Still, who knows what will happen in the coming months?


We’ve all already had our induction over Zoom; there were 180 of us on one call! We got to meet the leaders of the Live Lagom programme from each store and hear what’s in store for us over the coming year. Something I’m impressed with is that the focus of Live Lagom is not to rush off to IKEA and buy all the things. In fact a lot of the ideas they share on their website don’t require buying anything at all! The focus really does seem to be on living sustainably, not spending money.



IKEA's Live Lagom Community | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


What’s Next?


Whilst I’m not all about buying new stuff, part of this year-long programme includes having £100 to spend on IKEA products. That’s pretty exciting, as when I do go shopping it’s usually for house-related items!


I’ve had a bit of homework to do first; writing about who lives with me, what happens in our house and what we’d like to change. This has got us thinking about the best way to spend our £100 and now we’ve got a huge list of products to sift through and choose from.


Usually this would be done in store with a bit of help but, thanks to COVID, I’ll be emailing my list over to the store and choosing a time for a socially-distanced pick up. When we’ve finally decided what we’d like, I’m looking forward to sharing our choices with you!


IKEA's Live Lagom Community | The Marvellous Mrs Maus


Will Live Lagom Change Anything?


I’ll admit that, as much as I love IKEA, I’m not sure whether being part of Live Lagom will change much for us. We’ve cut down our waste, we try to be plastic-free, we recycle absolutely everything we can, we re-use things, we buy second hand… I am more than happy to be proven wrong though!


I’m really looking forward to sharing my year of Live Lagom with you all!



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