I love my Juki, but Create & Craft? Not so much.

Juki For Life!

You’ll have noticed that I had a new sewing machine for Christmas, although I actually got it in November. I love it, it’s a Juki HZL-F370 and I swear I will never buy another sewing machine again.

It’s amazing. I love the variable speed control; the stop/start button; the automatic thread cutter; the box feed system; the straightest straight stitch I’ve ever seen; the decorative stitches’ the 3 alphabets; the free motion capability; the ease of threading it. It’s the best thing ever. It also weighs more than my youngest child, so it desperately wants to live in its own sewing room and not moved about constantly.

I’ll tell you what I don’t love though. The customer service I received from Create & Craft TV.

Why I Will Never Shop At Create & Craft TV Again

I signed up for their Craft Club, because you get money off which you can use on your first order. It also meant the machine was a bit cheaper and I could pay in three instalments. I wouldn’t normally bother, but when you’re buying something that’s £899 at full price? Ouch. So of course, I was logged in when I was looking at the specs on the machine. Literally 30 seconds later, someone from Create & Craft rang me to tell me they could see what I’m looking at and they’d go ahead and place my order. Er, hell no. Intrusive much? That put me off buying it and I spent a few weeks looking around to see if I could buy the same machine at a similar price elsewhere. Sadly, Juki is massively under-represented in the UK, so I had no joy. Especially as I needed the instalment payments.

Intrusive much?

Then on Cyber Monday (what a stupid term), they had knocked a bit more money off it. This meant I really wasn’t going to get it for that price anywhere, so I decided to buy it. I logged in on my phone and, lo and behold, they rang me again just as I was about to press ok for payment. Seriously, wtf Create & Craft?! I cancelled the call and carried on with my purchase, which I had to start over. Then after I paid, they called again to ask if I wanted them to place the order because they could see I’d cancelled it. I’m afraid I was just a tad frosty and told the lady that I found their phone calls to be obtrusive and it was their fault the first order didn’t go through.

I forgot to mention, another thing that made their price even better was that the machine came with a free extension table. When the machine turned up, there was no extension table. There was a note saying it would come separately but no clue as to when. I figured it might be a week. I wasn’t even close.

Create & Craft Ignore Their Customers

After three weeks, I emailed Create & Craft to ask when they thought it might arrive. I got an auto-response, so I know they got my email, but they didn’t reply. So I tweeted them. A few times. Still nothing. It is inexcusable to ignore your customers, especially when you’ve been contacted through various means.

A few days later I got a letter from Franklins Group, explaining that they were the suppliers of both the machine and the extension table. They apologised for the delay, explaining an issue with the manufacturer and enclosed a foot for my machine by way of apology. I thought this was really nice of them. I couldn’t then fathom why Create & Craft wouldn’t have passed on my email/tweets or pointed me in Franklins direction.

At the beginning of February, the extension table finally arrived! I had emailed Franklins again wondering where it was and I was really pleased that they took the time to ring me and explain. See, Create & Craft, it’s not hard. If you can hound people who are merely browsing your damn website, you can take the time to ring people who have paid you money.

TL;DR – I have discovered that Create & Craft TV suck; my new Juki rocks and Franklins Group are the only distributor of Juki in the UK and they know their stuff. I will definitely be going back to them for servicing and any other bits and pieces I need for my new beloved. And, as I’m no hypocrite, I’ve removed my affiliate link advert for Create & Craft TV.


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