Being featured in The Green Parent

I was interviewed last month for The Green Parent magazine, which was really exciting and a massive honour!

Blog featured in The Green Parent magazine!

I’ve been reading the magazine for a number of years now. It resonates with me as a parent, far more so than traditional parenting magazines. Reading it has also increased my interest in all sorts of things which, in a way, have also led to this blog becoming more ethically-minded. I love that it isn’t just a pregnancy or baby magazine too; it covers all stages of parenting.

Being in The Green Parent

The feature is about mums who blog in order to share their passions. I’m featured alongside some really great-sounding blogs that I’ll be checking out over the weekend. My copy arrived this morning as I’m a subscriber, so if you’d like to read it pop over to their website to find out how to get a copy.

A little disappointingly, The Green Parent got my URL wrong! You may know that I started to blog over on the page for my Etsy shop, but that wound down sometime ago. I just decided that I wanted to, initially, blog about the clothes I was sewing for myself. As I’d mentioned in a previous post, since Blogtacular this blog is evolving into so much more. I’m really enjoying writing here at the moment and long may that continue. Even if it does mean that I won’t be going back to anything Etsy-related for the foreseeable future!

I hope that any readers who are interested in my blog manage to find me here. I’m sure they will; I’ve added a few links over on the old blog and it’s social media. I understand that we’re all human and mistakes happen though. I’m still thrilled to have an interview included in a magazine that I really love. Please do give me a wave if you’ve found me via The Green Parent!



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