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Is it just me or has Friday taken a while to come around this week? I had so many plans of things I wanted to get done, including some sewing. I’ve had the worst cough/cold I’ve had in years though, so of course nothing has been achieved! Apologies if you’re here for the sewing content, there really hasn’t been enough of that lately.

Favourite Things

I read so many blogs and, being a generally nosy person, I like the personal side of what people write about. It feels nice to get to know someone doesn’t it? With that in mind, today’s post is a bit different as I was challenged by Lisa Cole from Less-Stuff to answer some questions about myself as part of the Sunshine Blogger Award.

What has made you happy recently?

What makes you happy?

I’ve been really happy at how my daughters have settled back into school. Eleanor is absolutely loving her new class and has been learning about the environment, animals and doing some survival skills. Phoebe has been having so much fun in reception. It makes me happy that they come home every day with smiles and lots to tell us!

What is your favourite thing?

This is a tough question! I think I’ll go with my sewing machine. It’s a Juki and I love it, it can do so many things. It was a real investment for me after teaching myself to sew on my late Grandmother’s old Toyota. My intention is to keep it for decades to come!

Do you blog any challenges? If not, what is stopping you?

Sustainable wardrobe

I haven’t, although I do love taking part in Sewvember over on Instagram every November. In fact, that’s why I set up my Instagram account in the first place! I loved Jen’s recent post about the Autumn 10×10 Style Challenge this week though, so I may give that one a go.

What is your top money saving tip?

Plan meals in advance and only buy what you need. I try to always plan our meals because otherwise I’m in the supermarket every day (it’s opposite school so far too easy to do). Shopping more often for us means more impulse purchases and more food waste.

How do you reward yourself when you want a treat?

What do you do to treat yourself?

Tough question because I don’t really! A treat for us is usually just making popcorn, watching a film and turning our phones off. That’s our plan for tonight actually and I’m pretty excited.

Where is your favourite place and why?

My favourite place of all time is Greece. I went to Greece around 10 years ago for a university trip; my specialist subject is History (I’m a qualified primary teacher). We spent a week travelling around to places of historic interest and I loved every minute of it, especially the two days we spent in Athens.

It is a rainy, miserable day, do you stay in or go out?

Splash! Do you go out in the rain?


Left to my own devices I’d probably stay in. Since I had children though, we’re more likely to get wellies on and head to the park. My girls love being outdoors and they’ve been such a good influence on me.

Marmite, love it or hate it?

Love it. But only on toast. When I was younger one of my aunts used to make me Marmite sandwiches, which I absolutely hated. It was years before I ate Marmite again.

What do you do with a glut of courgettes?

Eleanor is quite the fan of stuffed courgettes at the moment, it’s one of her favourite meals. We use Quorn mince and make a Bolognese. When we finally sort out our allotment properly, we’re definitely going to grow courgettes.

What is the best present you can give that isn’t a physical thing?

What’s the best present you can give?

Time. My daughters would both rather have my time than anything else. Sometimes that can be a trip out to have hot chocolate, or other times it’s just reading a book together at home. Spending time with each other is the best thing we can give each other.

What is your top tip for living green?

This is a tricky question because I think it depends on what you consider to be green living and what your priorities are within that. For me, my current priority has definitely been our clothes and making sure our wardrobes become as sustainable as possible. This means that I’m making more considered purchases and using sources such as Ethical Consumer Magazine to research things before I buy.

What is your favourite joke?

What is your favourite joke?

My absolute favourite joke is a really long one about a rabbit that my Dad told me when I was little. It’s the way he tells it that makes it funny though. Here are my two other favourites though:

What do cows do on Friday night? Go to the mooooo-vies!

How do cows do maths? With a cow-culator!

I know, I’m hilarious. Or should I say a-moo-sing?! Ok, I’ll stop…

Thanks to Lisa for asking me these questions. If you’re interested in some gentle decluttering, pop over to Less-Stuff and check out Lisa’s posts and ebooks.


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