Even more Simplicity 1325 t-shirts!

So apparently it was Blue Monday this week (a pseudo-scientific concept invented for marketing purposes). We’re all supposed to feel the most depressed on the third Monday of January. To be honest the only thing blue about my Monday was sewing three blue long sleeved t-shirts!

When it's Blue Monday, make blue things!

The Pattern

Simplicity 1325* is now my go to for long sleeved t-shirts. In the past I’ve always said I wouldn’t bother sewing myself any basics. Until last year I’d always maintained that basics are available so cheaply that I didn’t see the point. Of course, then I read Overdressed and watched The True Cost and it changed my mindset completely. I added some long sleeved t-shirts to my 2018 Make Nine choices because I know I’ll wear several of them over and over again.

I’ve already made a turtleneck version so this time I wanted to stick to the pattern as it is and just make a very simple t-shirt that would go with all of my other clothes.

The Fabric

After a look through my extremely small collection of fabric, I realised that I had some large off cuts of jersey in navy blue and grey. For the life of me I cannot remember even buying the grey, let alone where it was from! The navy blue I bought from Barry’s and is leftover from sewing the Astoria jumper. I also had 2m of pale blue jersey that I bought on my first visit to Guthrie & Ghani over 4 years ago. I remember that I wanted to sew a t-shirt from one of the Great British Sewing Bee books, but I never did.

As I’m trying to use up all of the fabric I’ve been hoarding, I decided to sew three different t-shirts and do a bit of colour blocking too. I had plenty of the pale blue, enough for a whole top and a front bodice for another. The grey was used as a front and back bodice for one top and sleeves and back bodice for another and I used the navy blue as sleeves for one of the tops.

A colour blocked Simplicity 1325 long sleeved top

The Sewing

This long sleeved t-shirt is one of the easiest things I’ve ever sewn and it comes together really quickly. I decided to try doing set in sleeves on these three though, as I usually do them flat and wondered if it affected the fit at all. Doing sleeves the “proper way” took far longer and was fiddlier than I expected. The fit didn’t seem any better or worse, so next time I’m going back to my lazier (and easier) way of doing them flat.

Simplicity 1325 top in light blue.

The light blue jersey was more difficult to handle than I was expecting. It has a lot of drape and is so light it’s practically see through and it was such a pain to cut out. Sewing it wasn’t fun either as the pins kept sliding out of it. I’m glad I hadn’t tried to sew this fabric years ago when I bought it, it would have put me off jersey for life! It also creases easily, argh!

The Result

All three t-shirts fit well and I really like the colour blocking I did on two of them. The grey and navy blue version is my favourite and the first one I wore.

Simplicity 1325 - maybe my favourite pattern yet...

All three are going to be great on their own or as layering pieces with pretty much any of my clothes. This definitely isn’t the last time I’ll be re-visiting Simplicity 1325 but I’m going to move onto to sewing this dress from this pattern next. I do think my next t-shirt from this pattern needs to be a short sleeved version though.

Yet again, it’s been far to dark for me to take proper photos of myself in anything I’ve made. I’ve managed to take a couple of photos indoors just of the t-shirts though. I’ll make sure to take some photos to put on Instagram when the weather cheers up a bit!

Another Simplicity 1325 top!

You can't have too many handmade basics!

Reverse of Simplicity 1325




  1. 20th January 2018 / 7:57 am

    wonderful tees – like the contrasting sleeves. I always set jersey sleeves on the flat. one because its easier, and the other because if is the wear ad also I had been taught – Set-in sleeves are for tailoring and work on the principal that your arms will mainly hang by your sides in the wear, whereas tee shirts are active wear and assume you move your arms more so the fact the side seam is sewn in one with sleeve facilitates the movement better.

    • Toria
      20th January 2018 / 8:04 am

      Thank you! That makes perfect sense 🙂 I feel better about how I do them now.

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