Make Your Sewing Space More Eco-Friendly

Whether you sew in a dedicated room or in a corner of your dining room, there are a few things you can do to make your sewing space more eco-friendly. Here are a few easy things you can do if you’d like to be a more eco-friendly sewist…

Choose your fabrics wisely

Creating an eco-friendly sewing space

Try buying fabrics for specific projects rather than just in case. Adopting a more sustainable way of sewing is better for the environment as less natural resources will be used to produce more fabric. There are also a variety of eco-friendly textiles that you can buy instead of fabrics such as polyester.

Think before you print

How to create an eco-friendly sewing space

So many sewing patterns, particularly indie ones, come as PDF patterns these days. I try to avoid them mostly because I loathe sticking them together, but I also don’t like how much paper they can waste. I’m not saying don’t buy PDFs, of course not, but you can make them a little more eco-friendly. Firstly, print them on recycled paper and only print the parts that you need if possible. Try to print them out once, rather than each time you sew that garment. I keep mine in files with my other patterns. When you’re done with the printed version, recycle it.

Search the Internet and plant some trees

Eco-friendly sewing rooms tips

Let’s face it, sewing is probably 30% actually sewing and 70% being on the internet. Just me? Ok… Well when you’re searching the Internet for PDF patterns, sewing blogs or fabric suppliers try using Ecosia instead of Google. They plants trees with their ad revenue. I’ve switched my home page to Ecosia so I don’t forget to use it.

Be energy efficient

Make your sewing space more eco-friendly

Think about switching your energy supplier to a company that specialises in greener energy. Ethical Consumer Magazine recommends Ebico, which is the UK’s first not-for-profit energy supplier. Lots of us sew during the evening, so also think about swapping out your lightbulbs for more energy efficient ones too.

Create a jungle!

Why you need plants in your sewing space

Plants are an easy way to make any space a little greener, both figuratively and literally. Plants help to improve air quality and have even been shown in studies to improve productivity by increasing happiness. Plus, who can resist a succulent? I’ve recently seen that you can even get subscription boxes for plants!

Fancy a cuppa?

How to create an eco-friendly sewing space

We all need a good cuppa (or coffee) whilst we sew, right? There are even more eco-friendly choices we can make here! Firstly step away from the coffee maker if it uses pods because the plastic isn’t recyclable. It’s a more eco-friendly choice to use coffee grounds (you can even compost them too). As for tea, loose leaf is a better choice as most tea bags are made of a small percentage of plastic such as nylon. The bags can be composted though. Although it doesn’t impact on the eco-friendliness of your preferred drink, look for the Fair Trade mark too.


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  1. 6th November 2017 / 11:46 am

    Great ideas – pinned and shared.

  2. 6th November 2017 / 5:11 pm

    I didn’t know about Ebico, I’m going to look into them further thanks!
    I loathe coffee pods but my other half has one of those types of machines. I really want him to replace it with a bean to cup machine but they are sooo expensive. One day *fingers crossed*. #GoingGreenLinky

  3. 6th November 2017 / 7:40 pm

    Such an inspirational post. I’ve learned about a new electricity company I’d never come across before. Thanks for helping me think outside the box with this! #GoingGreenLinky

  4. 21st November 2017 / 7:29 am

    I am not some-one who sews much … in fact I am pretty much a failed seamstress but I love the ideas in this post for anyone who does sew and so many of them can be applied to every part of the house or any craft etc. Many thanks for linking this up to #GoingGreen.

    • Toria
      22nd November 2017 / 10:55 am

      Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it 🙂

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