I do love getting email. Mostly it’s a welcome distraction from the other things I should be getting on with. Want to get in touch? Then go crazy and fill in the form below!*

* Please, I beg you, don’t hit submit if any of the following applies:

  • You’re trying to improve your SEO by having me include a link to your site in a blog post. Not happening.
  • You’ve never actually read my blog and you think sending me a generic message to tell me my blog is great will lead to me including a link to your blog/product. So rude.
  • You are involved with an MLM you think I’d like to promote. I wouldn’t.
  • You think asking me to write for you for free is somehow an amazing opportunity for me. Do you work for free?


  1. Sue Lill
    25th February 2016 / 6:56 pm

    Would love to win tickets for Sewing for Pleasure and would take the husband so he can buy me lots of gorgeous fabric xx

    • toria
      26th February 2016 / 10:10 am

      Sounds like a plan! Good luck 🙂

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