Busy Days Planner 2020 Review

Sometime last week I realised that I hadn’t bought a planner for next year yet. You might remember that I’m a big fan of the Passion Planner so I ordered one, right? No, not this year. I’ve bought the Busy Days 2020 Planner by Boxclever Press and here’s why…

I’ve had a Passion Planner for the last two years. It’s served my needs really well, keep me on task and got me setting and achieving goals. Thing is, my needs have changed. My time is now mostly spent home educating my daughters. I’m still running a business, sewing, blogging and all that, but not as much. I don’t need all the pre-printed goal setting type stuff any more. I’ll be honest too, the price was really off putting. I worked out that a Passion Planner would set me back around £38 (for the green one I really liked) and frankly, it’s not worth it to me any more.

Enter The Busy Days Planner 2020!

I literally spent the entire weekend searching for planners online. Reading reviews, watching videos, everything. To be fair, I kind of like doing that anyway! One of the first planners I came across was the Busy Days Planner 2020 but I dismissed it thinking it was a ring binder. Eventually I came back around and had a proper look. I loved the cover and the design inside as well as how everything was laid out. It’s more open-ended than the Passion Planner because it doesn’t have lots of pre-printed prompts. In short, it looks perfect for my needs next year!

Busy Days Planner 2020 Review | Thimble End
Copyright: Boxclever Press

I’m not going to write any more about it here, because when my Busy Days Planner 2020 arrived I got so excited about it I made a video! Yep, me. The person who hates having their photo taken, doesn’t like their own voice and avoids cameras like the plague. I did a ten minute vlog about why I bought the Busy Days Planner 2020 and then I give you a look inside at the set up.

Watch my Busy Days Planner 2020 review here!

Of course, I’ve already started looking at stickers and all kinds of things to personalise it!


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