Blogtacular, Here I Come!

I’m feeling a mix of excitement, nervousness, happiness, anxiety and fear right now. Why? Because I booked a ticket for this year’s Blogtacular!

This year I’m taking the plunge because I enjoy writing blog posts, taking photos for Instagram and all that. I have no idea what to expect really. Hopefully I’ll meet lots of lovely people, learn some stuff and just have a day to myself.

It’s a massive thing for me to be doing this. My anxiety levels are at an all time high and honestly, I am worried about how I’ll cope, but if I don’t try I’ll never know. Plus it’s months away so hopefully by then I’ll  be feeling a lot calmer thanks to therapy and lot of crafting!


Update: Blogtacular 2017 is all over. Here is the post I wrote straight after and another one six months later.

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