Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter


Black lives matter


I’ve always considered myself to be “not racist”, but over this past month I, like so many white people, have realised that being “not racist” isn’t the same as being anti-racist. It’s been shameful and eye-opening and I need to do better.


Black lives matter


I acknowledge my white privilege 100%; I don’t know how it feels to experience racism but I can use my voice and any platforms I have to help dismantle white supremacy. Working towards being truly anti-racist will take time, and I might make mistakes, but silence is far worse.


But this is not about me or any other white person, so I’ll leave it there. I couldn’t not acknowledge any of this here though, it felt disingenuous.


Black Lives Matter


Useful Links


Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter Movement


The Black Curriculum


Black Makers Matter


An Anti-Racist Reading List


Reading List for Kids


Obviously this is not an exhaustive list by any means but it is a place to start.







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