From Baby Spice to baby products – how I met and interviewed Emma Bunton

It’s been such a weird week. A week that ended with me spending some time with Emma Bunton and interviewing her.

An invitation from Emma Bunton!

On Monday morning I had an email, on behalf of Emma Bunton, inviting me to a Blogger Afternoon for Kit & Kin. I’ll be honest, I assumed I’d been sent it in error! I almost emailed back to ask if they’d mixed me up with someone else. Oh yes, such self confidence here. Not helped by the complete under-reaction by most of my friends.

Kit & Kin

Despite the thought of a solo journey into London making me anxious, I was actually pretty excited. I’d done a bit of research on Kit & Kin and really wanted to find out more about the company and their products. For those who haven’t come across them yet, Kit & Kin have created a range of environmentally friendly products for mums and babies, including nappies that biodegrade in only 3-6 years!

Kit & Kin’s first blogger afternoon

The event was held at a beautiful photography studio in West London with a few other bloggers and Instagrammers invited. I felt completely out of place, but the girls from the PR company were wonderful at putting me more at ease. Embarrassingly, I did ask one of them why they’d invited me. Face palm.

Self doubt, my old friend

I’ve listened to two podcasts this week about feeling like an imposter (this one and this one) and I’ve never felt it more than I did yesterday. I did not belong in that room, in so many ways, yet I had to keep on reminding myself that actually, I did. I was invited. Self doubt is amazing though isn’t it? If you’ve got any tips for how you deal with it, I’d love to hear them!

Baby products that don’t cost the earth

What happened at Kit & Kin’s first blogger afternoon?

So, back to Friday. We had a drinks reception when we arrived. I really appreciated Chris, the other co-founder of the brand, taking the time to come and introduce himself and have a chat. He is a really great guy; so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the baby product industry. I really got the feeling from him that he appreciated every single one of us taking the time to come to the event.

Emma Bunton, from Spice Girl to co-founder of Kit & Kin

When Emma arrived, we all sat round the table and had a chat with both her and Chris. We all had a set of Kit & Kin products in front of us to have a look at and play with too. I’m going to blog about the products another time. Emma was just as enthusiastic about the brand as Chris, and she told us all about why developing this range was so important to her and her family. She was such a lovely bubbly person and seemed genuinely interested in all of us.

Emma Bunton, co-founder of Kit & Kin

A chat with Emma

How I met and interviewed Emma Bunton!

Part of the day included the opportunity to have a short interview, one on one, with Emma. I was so nervous, I mean who am I to be interviewing someone like her?! (Ah, self doubt, we meet again!) I can honestly say though, Emma Bunton is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve met. She immediately put me at ease and thanked me being there. We had a lovely chat, and she was just so nice. When I can bring myself to listen to the recording I will write a blog post about the questions I asked her! (As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like listening to my own voice).

Brand ambassador

Chris and Emma asked all of us to become Brand Ambassadors for Kit & Kin. For me this is an amazing honour, I’ve never been invited to a blogging event before, never mind being asked to respresent someone’s brand. Personally, I wouldn’t collaborate with any company that doesn’t fit my ethics and values, but happily Kit & Kin absolutely do. I’m looking forward to telling you more about them and their products in the coming months.

Environmentally friendly baby products from Kit & Kin

Self doubt be gone!

Lovely Kit & Kin products

Yesterday was a good lesson for me. I don’t need to believe that voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough. I don’t need to let self-doubt win. Other people can see the value of what I do and I need to start focusing on that. It’s hard though isn’t it? Maybe it’ll always be part of what makes me who I am. Next time I’m feeling like I don’t belong or that I’m not enough, I’m going to remind myself of yesterday. That Emma Bunton said my hair is amazing and wants me to work with her brand. Oh if only I could go tell my teenage misfit self that!

How I met and interviewed Emma Bunton for my blog!





  1. Alison
    24th September 2017 / 12:31 am

    Ah good old imposter syndrome, making us believe our successes are down to an error or just luck. It’s not. It’s down to the hard work we do and the tenacity we have (and maybe a little luck sometimes), but I guess that everyone must get this feeling sometimes. Even Emma Bunton must have done once.

    • Toria
      25th September 2017 / 1:38 pm

      I think we all do. Some people are just much better at hiding it I think.

  2. 26th September 2017 / 8:29 am

    Well done. Reading this I know exactly what I mean and must say I really hate this part of me, the self doubt. I think comanies should encourage more bloggers like this, because we really work hard. Can’t wait for your interview with Emma. X

    • Toria
      26th September 2017 / 1:58 pm

      Thanks Jasmina! I’m aiming to get the interview up by the end of next week 🙂

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