Autumn musings… (and #2019MakeNine Progress)

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting colder, wetter, darker and I break out my knitting. Hurrah for autumn!



This autumn things are a bit different in the Maus house, which you may already know. Our daughters are now being home educated, so there’s been a real change in our routine. I’ve stepped back a little from work and the girls are now my main focus. I wanted to write about what we’ve been getting up to, so I’ve set up a new blog for those who are interested. My Facebook page has also had a little update and I’m going to use it for a bit of everything, rather than just sewing.




Wedding Dress Blogging


I’m very aware that I haven’t actually finished writing about my wedding dress yet. Those blog posts are semi-drafted and I’ll definitely get back to writing about sewing a little more soon!


Make Nine Progress

Seems like a good enough time to check in with this year’s Make Nine progress. Here’s a reminder of what I said I was going to make. In all honesty, I haven’t even looked at this list since about a week after I wrote it. So how am I getting on?

Err.. well I obviously made a wedding dress and two bridesmaid dresses. Total win there.

Marilla Walker Maya Top

Apparently I’ve got a Maya top cut out and ready to sew according to that post. Until I just re-read that I didn’t even remember that I owned that pattern, let alone that I’d cut it out already. Goodness only knows where it is though, as we’ve moved house since then and I still haven’t unpacked all of my sewing things. So fail there, but time to rescue it if I can remember what fabric I’m looking for!


Next up is the Ogden cami. Now I do remember cutting this out and I think I know where the pieces are currently. I really need to sort out my sewing stuff.


The Maya makes a reappearance on my list with the tunic version. I do still have this fabric and I do know where it is. So this might happen. I definitely still want to make one and I know I’d wear it a lot.


Somehow I thought that I’d get some things sewn ready for the summer. Excuse me whilst I can’t breathe for laughing. Needless to say the Vogue dress and the Merchant & Mills dress not only remain unmade but also totally forgotten about until about ten minutes ago.


As for the wrap dress, I know that I’d love it but not that I’m not really dressing up for work do I really need one? I might have a think about that and possibly not bother at all.


So yeah, as predicted, I have pretty much failed but beaten 2018. I’m so predictable…


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