Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part Two

In Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part One, I talked you through why we’re cutting down on the plastic in our bathroom. I shared the changes we’ve started to make (soap is our new favourite!). Today, I’m going to share how we’ve swapped even more products and what you can do to do the same.

Should We All Have A Zero Waste Bathroom?

Before we dive into the other swaps we made, I want to repeat what I said in Part One. I am not preaching to anyone about the products they buy. If you read this post and make one change to what you buy, great. If what I’m suggesting doesn’t work for you, then that’s ok too! Maybe you’re a ninja at cutting out plastic in your kitchen instead!

Switch Your Toothpaste

Changing our toothpaste was another easy swap, at least for Andy and I. Instead of buying toothpaste in a plastic tube I switched to Georganics Toothpaste which comes in a glass jar. As someone who has always really disliked the minty flavour of all toothpastes, I really like this one. It takes a little getting used to as it feels almost dry and it doesn’t foam up at all.

Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part Two | Thimble End

Interesting fact, did you know that toothpaste foams up because it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate? Ironically this ingredient can actually cause bad breath and make mouth ulcers worse. When I’m feeling run down I get a lot of mouth ulcers; but not so much since I changed toothpaste!

Eleanor said she wasn’t keen on it but “would use it to save the fish from plastic”. After we worked our way through the first jar of it, Phoebe decided she couldn’t stand it any longer. I ended up buying her a raspberry flavoured toothpaste but now she doesn’t like that either! Georganics do an orange flavour so I”ll try her with that next!

Ditch Your Toothbrush

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you stop brushing your teeth! Even if you’re really happy with your toothpaste, you can still cut down on plastic by switching toothbrushes.

Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part Two | Thimble End

We switched to bamboo ones which, usefully, were numbered so we know which toothbrush is which. The bristles on these are plastic, but compared to a regular toothbrush it’s a lot less plastic. Next time I buy some I’m going to look for some that have plant-based “plastic” bristles.

As you can see in the photo, they’re all adult sized toothbrushes. The girls were ok with them at first but then decided that they wanted smaller brushes. I found them some toothbrushes which look like plastic but are actually biodegradable and compostable.


At the moment I’m actually making my own deodorant. But that’s a post for another day. A deodorant that I really liked was from The Natural Deodorant Company; I actually got sent one to test for The Green Parent Magazine over a year ago. It comes in a glass jar and a little goes a very long way. It lasted absolutely ages!

I was amazed that it was better than whatever I was buying at the time. It lasted a while day including a sweaty karate lesson! I bought some more when it eventually ran out and it kept me fresh as a daisy on my wedding day too.

Another great thing about this kind of deodorant is that it doesn’t contain anything nasty and it doesn’t leave marks on your clothes.

We’re Not Done Yet…

Changing our razors is the next thing on our list, but it’s not a cheap swap initially so we still haven’t done it yet.

Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part Two | Thimble End

I’ve only used disposable razors, so I dread to think how much waste I’ve been accumulating over the years. Yes, I could epilate or wax but… ouch! No thank you.

The great thing about buying a safety razor is that the handle should last an extremely long time. All we’d have to do is switch out the blades. And there’s absolutely no plastic involved. Total win!

Another thing that I’d like to change is my moisturiser. I’d got some leftover from Christmas gifts and I’d bought some earlier in the year. All in plastic packaging. Being vegan my choice of skincare has felt a little limited, but I want to do better. I came across Lucky Cloud Skincare in The Green Parent Magazine and I’m going to treat myself to a skincare kit to see how I get on with it. And no plastic in sight!

You Do You!

What toiletries you use is a personal decision. It could be based on cost, preference, health or convenience. As I said before, try making one little change towards cutting down your plastic waste. Don’t feel like you have to change everything. Be like us and aim towards a zero waste bathroom, not perfection!

Happy with your toothpaste? Don’t change it; maybe think about changing your toothbrush instead.  Using a medicated shampoo? Keep it and buy soap instead of handwash.

I’m not suggesting that you change everything in your bathroom overnight either. Our swaps started in July and, as you can see, it’s an ongoing process. We’re never going to get to a point where there’s no plastic in our bathroom either. As much as I could switch every product I use, I share a bathroom with three other people who have their own preferences. The girls are a tough crowd when it comes to brushing their teeth too, and I’d rather they had clean healthy teeth over ditching plastic.

Find Out More

Aiming For A Zero Waste Bathroom: Part Two | Thimble End

If there are products you’d like to switch, but can’t find the information you need, check out Ethical Consumer magazine. You can look up every kind of product and have a look at how they’ve rated.

Any plastic-free products you’d like to recommend? Something I’ve missed out? Leave me a comment!


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