Using accessories to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Lola Rose recently reached out to me and asked if I’d like to write about one of their bracelets. I received the Lola Rose Bangle Bar bracelet from them to keep. This is not a paid for blog post.

Lola Rose Bangle Bar Bracelet

It was a lovely surprise being asked to choose a bracelet from Lola Rose. I spent ages trying to choose before deciding on the Portobello bracelet in the black blended agate colourway. Usually I’d choose something with all the colours, but not this time. I thought that something a little more classic-looking would be more versatile. This got me thinking about how accessories can be at the heart of a truly sustainable and versatile wardrobe.

Less clothes, More Accessories?

As you know, I’ve been trying really hard to cut back on sewing more than I need. I’ve not been buying much either, unless I know I’ll wear it more than 30 times, like this dress. At the moment I haven’t made a start on my planned capsule wardrobe, so I’m still wearing the same few things over and over. It doesn’t bother me much, especially as a few of my outfits can be worn together in different combinations. I definitely find that utilising my accessories mixes things up even more though.

Since I’ve become more interested in the sustainability of my wardrobe, it makes sense for me to change up an outfit with an accessory rather than go and buy, or sew, a new outfit. Adding a belt, or a scarf, or a piece of jewellery to an outfit can change the look of it, but how often do we do that instead of going shopping? I’ve definitely been guilty of that, but then I’ve also been guilty of over shopping for accessories too. Especially if we’re counting coloured tights as accessories. I had so many crazy pairs of tights it became a running joke where I taught and I always got a new pair for my Secret Santa gift!

My Autumn Accessories

I love my autumn wardrobe and I think it’s mostly because I can wear layers and add lots of accessories like hats and scarves. Here’s a rundown of some of the accessories I’ll be wearing most this autumn to keep my wardrobe looking interesting.

People Tree Knitted Hat
Perfect accessories for autumn
Image: People Tree

I bought this hat in the People Tree sample sale recently and I love it. I have a bit of a thing for hats, even though I’m convinced they don’t suit me! This one has already been worn a lot on the school run. The hand knitted animal print design is awesome and the colours just shout autumn don’t they? This is my first purchase from People Tree and I’m so impressed with the quality.

Leopard Print Scarf

Accessories for autumn

This was a birthday present a few years ago and it comes out every autumn and winter. Scarves have to be the most versatile accessory ever and I’ve even put together a Pinterest board showing you all kinds of ways to wear your favourite scarf. I had my mind blown finding out you can tie scarves into vests, which I’ve done today!

Lola Rose Bangle Bar Bracelet

Lola Rose Bangle Bar Bracelet

It was the rose gold coloured metal that drew me to this particular bracelet. Together with the black agate stones I think it compliments my other accessories so well. It doesn’t transform an outfit the way a scarf can, but it’s a nice delicate piece to wear on its own. I’ve been wearing it during the day with casual outfits, and I know it’ll go with my smarter and dressier clothes too. Personally I prefer to wear it stacked up with some other bracelets.

Triangle Hoop Earrings
Recycled brass earrings
Image: Artisans & Adventurers

I was lucky enough to win these earrings a while back from Artisans & Adventurers via an Offset Warehouse competition. As I wear studs every day, these are a great statement piece for me for dressing up an outfit. What is awesome about these earrings is that they’re handmade and Fair Trade and made from recycled brass.

Arture Cork Gadget Case

Gorgeous naturally dyed cork leather gadget sleeve

I know, I’ve told you all about this gorgeous Arture gadget case already, but it’s become one of my go to bags. It helps smarten up my outfits for meetings and networking events with my iPad and diary inside. It also does double duty as a stylish oversized clutch bag. I use it pretty much every day, especially as it fits inside my larger handbag.





  1. 13th October 2017 / 7:40 am

    Gosh that competition was yonks ago (& so fab!) Soooo lovely to see you’re still using your prize – yet another competition I was bummed not to be able to enter!!!

    • Toria
      13th October 2017 / 8:25 am

      I did pretty well in that competition, I won 5 prizes! My cat is still wearing his Hiro + Wolf collar too 🙂

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